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Wind your way through this pretty, but small, place (well-marked). There is a striking metal sculpture made out of agricultural hoes, which bids pilgrims a Buen Camino. Beautiful old bridge, great for rest stop. The bar, Bar Martillo, has a terrace (reportedly opens at noon). It is closed on Monday.


On May 21,1806, a woman of humble origin, from the town of Santa Marina del Rey (León province), gave birth in Éntoma. She was baptized in the local church and described as a pilgrim on her way home from Santiago.

The Road:

As you leave the hamlet, the Camino takes you up through a forest with pine trees, a few chestnut trees, some cherry trees, some vineyards.

You soon arrive in O Barco’s outskirts and back on the OU-0801. From here, it is at least a half hour into the center, with development stretched along the highway.

As you are coming into town, keep an eye out for two blue Camino signs (one on each side of the road) as well as a mojón indicating the narrow tunnel to your left, under the train tracks. After the tunnel, enter the slate mill and turn right, where you follow a gravel track. O Barco is near enough, up a sharp climb and over the top of another train tunnel.

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