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Sobradelo is built on a fairly steep hill, with an ice cream kiosk, pharmacies, shops, train station, bars, banks, health center, and a swimming pool.

About five or ten minutes after entering town, you will come to the Centro Social Pontenova, whose bar is open to the public. Nice eating area out back, very good menu del día at 9€. On the 10th of each month, coinciding with the big market day in town, the centro serves a special 12€ meal featuring pulpo.

Bar Mar is just a couple of buildings down from the Centro Social, on the other side of the road. At this point, the road’s name changes to Estrada de Éntoma. The owner of the Bar Mar, Manuel Angel Martínez Ramos tel. 988 335 106, offers lodging for peregrinos. 8€. 12 beds in 4 rooms. Wifi available. Very mixed reports on the lodging. Also several reports of special gouged “pilgrim prices.”

At the three-way intersection in front of the Centro Social, both the road branching up and the road branching down have the name Calle de Éntoma. Taking the “upper branch” will take you past the Ayuntamiento, where you can get a sello. Taking the “lower branch” will take you past an ATM, the train station, and to the 16th century 7-arched bridge over the río Sil. Both branches come together at the top of town at the exit onto the OU-0801.

If you go down to the river, you can cross over the bridge for a meal in a notably good restaurant, the Restaurante Museo. This is a little off the route, but several pilgrims have commented that the food is excellent, and the view of the bridge is quite nice.

The Road:

No matter which branch of the Calle de Éntoma you have taken, you will ascend and reach the OU-0801 road, which takes you out of Sobradelo. This road does go all the way to O Barco, but the Camino will take you off the highway onto more scenic trails through the forest.

After a few km on the side of the road, a Camino marker takes you off the road and then into Éntoma.

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