Fuenterroble de Salvatierra

Vía de la Plata


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The Road:

Between Fuenterroble and Morille the camino splits into two distinct routes. The split happens 11.7km from Fuenterroble at a place signposted as Dueña de Abajo.

LEFT ROUTE - 31.8km (20.1km from split)

This route is slightly longer but has the benefit of hosting a pair of albergues in San Pedro de Rozados. However, that is the only village with any services until Morille. The high point along the way is the Pico de la Dueña (14.4km) and beyond that is the private pig farm Calzadilla del Mendigos (6.8km).

RIGHT ROUTE (THE ALTERNATE ROUTE) - 29.2km (17.5km from split)

Slightly shorter but with two places to stop for a coffee, this is the preferred route if you are going through to Salamanca.

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