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The Iglesia de la Asunción, located near the private albergue, is just so-so. The bell tower, on the other hand, is something special indeed; it was built as a lookout by the Knights Templar in the last half of the 13th century.

The Road:

As the camino gets deeper into the region of Zamora, and soon into Galicia, the villages get closer together and smaller. Few offer any services. The camino follows near the N-525 for a short distance before turning south to cross the motorway and the AVE line. After crossing it passes through the small rural hamlets of Valdemerilla (4.6km), Cernadilla  (3.5km), San Salvador de Palazuelo (1.8km), and Entrepeñas (3.4km). It then turns back north to cross back over the AVE, the motorway, and the N-525 into Asturianos.

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Accommodation in Mombuey

Albergue de Mombuey
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