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Castelo Novo is a delightful village and the first of the ‘Aldeias Históricas’ (Historic Villages) on this camino. Belmonte and Trancoso are the other two on the Nascente; there are 12 in total in this region, all on the GR22 trail. Castelo Novo is small and can be explored in half an hour or so; there are great views from the castle.

O Lagarto is the only restaurant in the village. Outside the peak months of July-September, it is only open for lunch but will open for dinner for pilgrims if notified in advance. The number is +351 275 567 406.

The Road:

The camino from Castelo Novo to Alcongosta is a spectacular mountain stage. On the way down, just before the white domes of the Natura Glamping site, the arrows turn right on the road. A better trail is to go straight (with the domes to the right) and shortly after turn left onto a switchback trail down the mountain.

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