Mieres (Salvador)

Camino De San Salvador


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Another commercially oriented town, Mieres has all services.

The Road:

Cross over the river and into town. If you are not interested in the town, and would rather breeze through it, continue straight after crossing the bridge, through the first major intersection. At the second one (with a large car park on your right) turn left. You will pass an urban park and at the end of the park you have two options:

1. Carry on straight, turning left at the very end of the road and rejoining the camino.

2. Reconsider your intent to breeze through town, and turn right to visit the Iglesia de San Juan. If you choose this route, just turn left again when you get to the church. The road wraps around the city and meets option 1 very quickly.

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Accommodation in Mieres (Salvador)