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On the way into town, ca. 10 mins before, you will find the Hotel Dona Sancha on your right side, which was recommended to me by Kari, and which I higly recommend myself. 33 Euros for a top quality room with a bathtub: Just check in! You enter old Covarrubias through the town gate. To the right inside the gate tower, you will find the tourist office.

In the park outside the Collegiate church is a statue of Kristina. Inside the church is the sarcophagus. Note that it is placed in a separate atrium, behind adoor covered by a red curtain. You need to ask to be let in there, which is no problem at all. This is where Kristina, the ancient Norwegian princess, is sleeping. The Norwegian flag, together with a Spanish one, are honouring the old princess.


In Covarrubias, I first ignored Kari's advice to check into the hotel mentioned above. Even if it was September, I had difficulties finding a room inside the city; everything was occupied, so I walked back to the hotel, and they had a fantastic room for me. Book in advance, is my advice. This city is a popular tourist destination. Hotel Dona Sancha, Phone no. 947 406 400.They claim to have a discount for walkers of the San Olav. Prices were 33 Euros for the room; 37 Euros incl. breakfast when I stayed there. But of course, there are many nice and rustic places inside the city walls; feel free to explore and make your own choice.

Return to Burgos will be by bus, which normally leaves from the street outside the city gate at 9.00 AM. Check with the Tourist Office. It is a ca. 40 mins bus ride.


If you like, you can walk on 22–23 kms further south to Santo Domingo do Silos, (Spanish only) famous for its monastery and its singing monks. It is just a good day's walk. And there should be an albergue there, if you need one. Or you can stay in the monastery, I am told. But check it out (in English). From there, the bus leaves for Burgos every morning (check). It is not a part of El Camino San Olav, but since you are in the neighbourhood. I hope this guide has inspired you to take the walk of El Camino San Olav: It is well worth it!

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