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The streets of Monesterio are paved with cured ham. The monesterienses celebrate the día del jamón, and the local town hall has built a wonderful, incredibly informative, and free museum in its honor. Make time to go and you will get the inside scoop on where to find the best jamón tasting spots in town.


A new type of trail marker appears for the first time near Monesterio. It is a square bollard which depicts a Roman arch and pathway, is painted with two colored stripes, and is meant to indicate that you are following along a Roman road.

WARNING: The road beyond Monesterio is again a long one without water, be certain to carry enough with you.

The Road:

The camino through Monesterio keeps along the N-630 but there are a few arrows which direct you left and into the town and the municipal albergue. At the far end of town, the camino leaves the N-630 by turning left just after the football field.

This stretch of the camino is poorly waymarked and at times there are conflicting signs; follow the yellow arrows when they are. The camino passes the Arroyo del Bodión (13.2km). Entering Fuente de Cantos there are far too many arrows, which isn’t particularly helpful given that the town is a knot of narrow streets. If you are trying to get to the albergue, follow the arrows to the left when you get to the edge of town. The albergue is located in the south-west corner and from there another set of arrows will deliver you to the correct exit point for the city.

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Accommodation in Monesterio