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The Road:

The camino crosses the main road and heads uphill towards a sporting facility. Around the back side of the building, the camino once again splits into two distinct routes. Here the choice is a bit more complicated than the previous option. The two options merge in Castro-Dozón.

PIÑOR ROUTE - 14.8km

Shorter and more direct route to Castro Dozon, but without an albergue along the way. Take care along the latter half as the waymarks are difficult to find. It follows mostly rural tracks and country lanes and passes several names and un-named hamlets along the way. The identifiable ones are:

Porto De Souto 1km
Cotelas (bar) 1km
Piñor (bar, pharmacy) 1.6km
Fontelo 0.8km
Arenteiro(bar) 0.7km and
O Reino 1.4km
After O Reinothe camino rejoins the N-525 and passes through the village of Carballeda. At the far end of town, just before the exiting Carballedasign, the camino turns left and heads towards the motorway. It passes beneath it and soon after turns right off of the road to begin the climb up to Castro Dozón.

OSEIRA ROUTE - 18.4km from split

The RIGHT route is the official camino and is a bit longer than the newer Piñor variant. It passes through the village of Oseira(Monastery and Albergue) and is scenic. It is better waymarked than the variant.

Turn right at the split. The paved road comes to an end and you pick up a track through the forest. About halfway to Pielasthe camino rejoins a paved road.

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