Albergue Seminario Menor

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Address: Avenida de Quiroga Palacios, s/n, 15703 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

From their website:
The Minor Seminary hostel is 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. It’s in front of the Belvis Park, which offers wonderful views of the old town of Santiago.

The hostel offers private single rooms and single beds in mixed rooms. All the rooms share mixed bathrooms.

Guests can prepare meals in one of the common rooms, which has a microwave, electric ovens and cookware. There are vending machines for drinks and snacks.

The hostel offers luggage lockers and self-service laundry.

The Minor Seminary hostel is located in Avda. Quiroga Palacios s/n, 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral of Santiago, 5 minutes from the food market Abastos, 1 minute from the Park of Santo Domingo de Bonaval and has amazing views of all the city and the Cathedral.

If you reach Santiago by the French Way you will see the detour to the hostel when you pass through the Rúa de San Pedro.

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