Casa Licerio

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15€ for a bed in a shared room - max 3 beds
30€ for a single room
40€ for a double room
50€ for a triple room

Reservations may be made 2 days in advance.

Wifi and laundry services are available. I also offer a "welcome" tapas hour each evening at 5 as an opportunity to get to know fellow pilgrims and share our stories.

Samos is a stop not to be missed. The monastery, which has roots dating back to the 9th century, offers daily tours (every hour on the half hour starting at 9:30 until 6:30 - except 2:30) as well as a Pilgrim's Mass following a short Vesper Service in Gregorian Chant every evening at 7:30. And I might be biased, but the panaderia in Samos has the best chocolate croissants ("napolitanas") on the Camino! So, as you leave Triacastela, choose the road to the left. Casa Licerio is on the Camino as you walk away from the Monastery 400 meters, directly across from Garza Supermercado.

I look forward to welcoming you thru October 31, 2016 and, Lord willing, summer of 2017!

Contact Information:
Ashley Weaver
Casa Licerio
Avendia Compostela 44
27620 Samos, Lugo

WhatsApp: +1.970.471.3584
Twitter - @CasaLicerio
Instagram - @CasaLicerio

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