Casa Loncho

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Address: 15151 Dumbría, A Coruña

From their website:
When we decided to transform our home to offer hostel services, we did not want to loose our identity in our surroundings. We named our rustic hostel with our century old family name: “Casa do Loncho” (House of Loncho) and that is how we came to be recognized. We are offering now two services: The Pension and The Albergue.

This is a recently renovated home, situated on the road to St James to Fisterra-Muxía, in a typical rural Galician village, Olveiroa, with the parish of the same name which belongs to the area of Dumbría, A Coruña. Casa Loncho is the ideal place to visit Ézaro waterfall, just 10 km away.

The traveller will find themselves with a friendly home and a warm welcome from the family Loncho, familiar with meeting pilgrim’s needs. We have our own laundry service, for house clients as well as the pilgrims of el camino, and Wi-Fi internet connection (only for clients).

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