Casa Ricardo

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The albergue
The albergue Casa Ricardo is situated in the caserío (large rural house) of Campiello and has belonged to the Francos family since the early 19th century. The original structural layout of the house has been maintained, including the farmhouse, bakery, well, corral and original bedrooms.

The space that historically contained the corral of the caserío has been converted into what is now the albergue’s patio. A kitchen and bunk rooms have been added and in one of the bunks the building’s original well can be found in primitive form, unaltered since its construction.

The double rooms Pumarín and La Panera were the old rooms used as lodging. People traveling on foot used to stay here as well as farmers who were migrating livestock and/ or who were going to the farmer’s markets and trade shows in the area.

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