Gîte Beilari

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From their website:

Beilari is...
... a hostel for pilgrims, which
... offers hospitality and accommodation,
... in a tradition of simplicity, quality and inspiration.
... A refuge in the spirit of the Way
... to Santiago de Compostela

Our hostel stands at the foot of the Pyrenees, within the walled part of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, on the historic Rue de la Citadelle.
It is assumed that our house was built towards the end of the Middle Ages! It is a typical Basque house: thick walls, beautiful wooden floors, a grand staircase, and in the traditional colours: red and white. We are really proud to be in a position to run a hostel in such a lovely house.

Our hostel has four simple and attractive rooms, with a total of 18 places to sleep (2x3, 1x4 and 1x8): 7 bunk beds and 4 single beds.
Downstairs is a kitchen, a second living room and a cosy terrace, where you can sit comfortably and meet other guests. There are second and third patios in the garden behind the house, with a very nice view over the village and the mountains. There is also a small “house of inspiration”.
Guests can also use our library, party games and drawing materials.
Of course, there are a simple bathroom, two hot showers and a place to do laundry (by hand), with a spin-dryer. Here you can also hang out your laundry to dry.
You can safely park your bicycle in our courtyard.

You can spend the night with us and in the evening join an international company for a home-cooked, three-course dinner. In the morning, we prepare a hearty breakfast and make you a packed lunch, if you wish.

After a long journey: If you are arriving after a very long journey that involves several planes, trains, buses or taxis, we suggest you rest in Beilari before you start walking. We offer to you the opportunity to spend two nights in Beilari so you can rejuvenate and prepare your body and soul before trekking to the mountains, where you can enjoy fully the beauty and splendor of your first stage.
In contrast with the "albergues" in Spain you can also stay with us 2 nights (or more, in case of illness or injury).

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