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Address: Calle la Coruña, 61, 15155 Fisterra, A Coruña

From their website:

To “andar ás crebas” is to collect objects that the tide brings to the beaches and shores in order to remake and reuse them. It is the magical process of giving these little treasures an unexpected second chance.

With these little treasures we constructed this building, a family run hotel with 30 years of history, which will be re-inaugurated in 2015.

The designer, Pancho Lapeña, created and worked with the beautiful idea of using these treasures of sea and land, which have been collected in many different places, in order to make and inspire an atmosphere rich with the scent of the sea.

The Langosteira Hotel is on the route of the Camino de Santiago, a step away from the town center of Finisterre, just above the beach which is its namesake and it has views of both the sea and the sun, as it rises from behind Mount Pindo.

Rosalia, Paulina and all the rest of the staff are dedicated and happy to offer help and any information you may need to enjoy your stay in the hotel and in the region of Costa da Morte.

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