Camino Primitivo, comments from a pilgrim

Camino de Santiago

Not really a question, but a very interesting post with comments from a recent walk on the Camino Primitivo.

After having twice exprerienced walking the Camino Frances Route, during the first half of June, 2012 I walked the Primitivo. A few general miscellaneous comments and comparisons follow to add to other comments on the forum.

The route itself is indeed beautiful. While it is more mountainous than the Frances, I did not find any particular part of it any more difficult. The challenge comes in that it is day after day of hills with no easier day’s respite. If I were to recommend between the two routes to a first time Camino traveler I would suggest the Frances. This for the diversity of terrain as well as of the people. If you’ve already done the Frances, the Primitivo is definately worth the experience. (Subject to qualifications described below.)

Read the rest of this post from a pilgrim that have just completed the Camino Primitivo.

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