“Camino the Journey to Santiago”, a short Camino Documentary

Camino the Journey to Santiago
Camino the Journey to Santiago

“Camino the Journey to Santiago”, is a short Camino documentary directed by Matthew Nothelfer & Alicia Wszelaki. It was presented at the 1st Camino de Santiago film Festival last week in Santiago (June 2013).

I was so lucky to get to see this documentary before it was shown in Santiago, and loved it! 

I have written earlier about my thoughts about the “Walking the Camino” documentary directed by Lydia Smith,  and I think this short documentary and Lydia’s really complement each other well. Lydia has a longer, more in depth film, while Alicia and Matthew has created a shorter, but very moving film. It is about 25 minutes long with fantastic footage of the Camino. The fantastic footage and the fact that not a single word is spoken, creates a special feeling. I think the fact that not a word is spoken makes it better. The trailer above give s you an idea of what to expect.

The soundtrack to the film is written by Andy Reed, he explains in the video below how he wrote the music.

To keep up to date on this project, please visit their website and their Facebook page.

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