5 Replies to “Camping roll mat – to take or not to take”

  1. I don’t think is worth it. In El Camino, every ounce counts, and unless you plan to sleep in a tent in the wilderness, I don’t see how it can come handy. Trust me, you want to travel as light as possible!

  2. Hi
    I did the Camino in August and did not need the camping mat. I would rather use the weight for something special such a book to read

  3. Weight is important. I have a mat weighing 400g and took it with me. I am glad I did. I had a sleeping bag too. I spent a few nights under the stars and was very comfortable. A real Camino experience! Even when there was space in the albergue, I often slept outside – recommended for a few nights! The mat came in useful during the day – when it was too hot, I would often lay out the mat under a big shady tree for a siesta – wonderful!! Down to personal choice whether you take a mat in the end.

  4. During ’13 October walk, I didn’t take it and didn’t miss it but I see the point from Dusty. I might take it next time if I walk in the Summer.

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