3 Replies to “Can I bring my guitar with me on the Camino de Santiago?”

  1. Hey,

    I traveled with 4 other friends and carried a guitar between us. We took turns each day to carry it. It’s really not that bad if you strap it on your backpack (just be careful when sitting down!). 

    I really would encourage you to bring it. We had so much fun singing and playing with pilgrims along the way – it helped make my camino experience what it is. 

    1. I met a teenage boy walking with his parents 2009, he brought a ukulele (you can see him and the ukulele in this Youtube-clip at 1.24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptQyZp8Bxbc&feature=related

      My 12-year old son is thinking of walking a part of the Camino with me next summer and he might bring his guitalele, but ukulele-size, easy to carry and great sound! This is the one he has: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrHL0BrbLOk

  2.  its a good thing to bring your guitar because you make other pilgrims happy whit your music, and i saw a guy also whit it.

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