Can I bring my wooden pole on a flight?

Can I bring my wooden pole on a flight?
Can I bring my wooden pole on a flight?

The question was:

i am flying from Dublin to biarritz with ryanair , does anybody know if i can bring my wooden pole on board , or should i buy one in sjpdp , its about 4ft long

Read all the good advice on bringing a wooden pole on a plane on the way to your Camino de Santiago.

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  1. Any problems bringing a wooden walking stick into Spain. Do the authorities there frown on importing wood from away (North America)? Big problems with invasive species here and some jurisdictions prohibit importing foreign wood. I am creating a stick. I will cut it down to 3 sections of 20 inches and create screw attachments to reconnect them. Have seen this for other long poles. 

    Any problems carrying such a shortened concoction in my carry on? 

    Also have a metal stick which folds and collapses. Can a collapsed metal stick generally be brought on board a plane in carry on? 

    Am still sorting out which stick to use on my Camino. Maybe I should use both. All suggestions welcome.

  2. Less trouble to just buy one in SJPDP. They have very nice ones for sale!

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