2 Replies to “Can I do the Camino on a horse?”

  1. Friday: 07/01/2011

    Yes, I saw 3 folks with horses & near Astorga an Alberque for horses.

    Buen Camino

  2. i to am going to ride the camino my two mares will be bare foot i am intending to start from lourdes and be self sufficient after which we will contiue on to andulcia and la pena in sierra de aracena when my love for horses began some 19 years previous. i am doing the trip for charity to support the 24 hour help line for the condition cidp which my son has. on the 13th i am putting on a benefit gig a cabaret night half the money raised will go direct to the charity and half goes to the bare foot girls adventure. on the 21 st of june i am holding a soltice celebration at an exotic garden again raising money and awareness. this is the start of my plan hope you find them useful. i am a bit of a techno phobe but must face the fact that social media will play an important role for the success of such an adventure. some time soon this will be in place so catch up on The Barefoot Girls Adventure.Gill x

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