Can I walk a Gluten Free Camino?


Gluten Free Camino de Santiago

The question was:

Please advise what and how one does manage their GF diet on the Camino? Of course, I will carry my own food but can I cook in some places as well?

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  1. I’m not a “gluten free” person..however on the camino at times i just didn’t feel like eating “pilgrims menu”…it was easy for me to find fruits, nuts, vegetables and ample meats n seafood! I never saw any bread that was gluten free, but then again i wasn’t looking for it either… When i wanted to cook my own food it was very easy! As most places have a kitchen

    1. When you get to Galicia the cooking facilities are difficult. You may need to carry your own saucepan. They have cookers but no pans, plates etc…. Weard or what….

      1. I’d recommend not bringing any cookware (except maybe small travel cutlery.. i ended up buying a little spoon for eating yogurt) Chances are you won’t need to use it… too heavy… and you can always buy things like that in bigger towns along the Camino… It will require a little more work eating gluten free but I’m sure it’s possible… you can order ensalada mixtas, a big slice of tortilla for breakfast (skipping the bread on the side), plato combinados with meat and fries, patatas bravas… there are lots of options… just specify “sin gluten, pan, etc” when eating out.

  2. Im GF and walked Sarria to Santiago this spring. We carried GF muesli, walked with trailmix fruit etc and I ate salad and tortilla. Evening meal was generally easy. meat and chips and flan for pudding. There was gf bimbo bread in supermarkets and other stuff as well.

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