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  1. why would you like to do that? the camino is not a race – live is fast, you need to ask yourself whats the purpose of “running” the camino??? If you want to walk a long distance within short time, go and train for a marathon or walk somewhere else… my opinion…

    1. some of us still have to work, so sometimes you can only take a certain number of days off, so perhaps trying to walk a shorter portion of the trail in the time given? thats my plan, (then come back again to complete other portions) it really is a personal journey (no judgements)

      1. Yes, if you are normally fit you will do it in two weeks easily. No ‘running’ involved. I will be doing this very same route sometime in May.

      2. you’re absolutely right – this is your walk – do it as you wish to. There’s no prizes given – only the personal joy in meandering along the path with some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. Don’t worry about the purists – do it your way

      3. I understand Helen…I have done the Camino 3 times and I have not done it again in 17 years for lack of time…so I understand that even if it is just a short camino, something is something….better than nothing…

  2. Many years ago, just after I had retired, I walked the Camino. I had allowed my self five weeks from St Jean PDP and had booked tickets accordingly. After a week I realized that I was constantly concious of time and schedules. I tore up my return tickets and instantly walked with freedom and peace. The Camino became one of the most moving and liberating things in my life.
    Incidentally I arrived in Santiago almost exactly on the old schedule and could have used my tickets. But I didn’t regret my throwing them away as the absence of a schedule liberated me to truly experience a time out of normal life.

    1. wow, thank you for sharing Frank Farrell..tearing those tickets apart was a courageous thing to do.. I always travel with one way tickets despite the criticism of others…I also feel that smart phones or i-pads do more or less the same mental and emotional obstacle as round trip planned trips…

  3. absolutely no problem – I did. Also had a day to look around Santiago and 2 days out at Fisterre. It meant some very long days – but finished most days around 3pm It actually took me 10 days to do the Leon to Santiago – the rest was sight seeing and socialising. I returned last year intending to walk from St Jean Pied du Port to Burgos – actually I only got to Belorado – I plan to return to Pamplona this year to complete the walk to Leon – for the walk through Navarre was stunning. It’s a brilliant walk – enjoy.

    1. Laura, there is a walking calender on this site, and I think people loosely make arrangements to meet up, but really you don’t need a ‘buddy’ to do it, lots of people do it alone, although you are never alone on the camino. Buen Camino!

  4. It’s absolutely possible. I actually just finished from Leon to Santiago in 13 days in Feb this year, which was fantastic. It’s only 304 kms from Leon to Santiago, so basically you need to walk a bit more than 20 kms a day. As I am not a sporty type of person and rarely do any exercise, I kept my pace rather slow comparing to other pilgrims who walk normally 30-35 kms a day. Some days, I walked around 30 kms if I felt fit and excited or very into the company of other pilgrims met on the way. Well, some day, I walked only 15 to 20, especially in the snowing hilly area. It all depends on your own feelings and physical soundness. Just take your pace, no rush, and know your body, take good care of it, as it’s more of a spiritual journey than a physical challenge.

  5. Yes , it is possible…I had a quite a Spiritual experience…I had been walking with tendonitis since I had left Burgos…it was a literally a Cross.. and I was advised many times to quit the Camino, but I made it to Leon,,,there I met a volunteer Alberguero who told me he could help…I washed my feet and lay down on the floor while he applied what he call “Polarity therapy”..the pain was released within minutes..I also met his family and I was invited to remain for a Family Sunday meal at their house…it was magical..I made it to Santiago in less than two weeks after that….

  6. Last year I walked from Roncesvalles to León, as I only have 18 days or so, and had to return to work. But my thougths at that time were: I will end wherever those 18 days take me. So it was León. This year, on the 21 april, I will return to do my other part of the Camino. I have 12 days to walk, if I reach Santiago, is okey, but if I don’t get there it will be okey too!! Don´t do any plan, just feel the camino and enjoy. The camino will teach you a lot. Buen camino, peregrino!!

  7. This was my original plan. After reading posts on this forum, I changed it to starting in Astorga. I read (but didn’t experience) that walking from Leon is like walking through an industrial neighborhood for most of the first day, whereas walking from Astorga puts you in the hills right away. Leon to Astorga is a two day walk. Astorga to Santiago is eleven days. I’d rather have the three extra days in Santiago or out to Finisterre than spend them walking from Leon. Wish I was walking again right now. Buen Camino.

  8. I will be attempting to do the camino in two weeks also. My hope is to be able to finish in Finisterre… I am so excited, but also a bit apprehensive…I’m in good enough shape, but still wonder how I will do this! Will I be good enough for such a huge undertaking!? This is my first time. Many thanks for this informative site!

    1. Hi Joann. first of all I wish you a wonderfull experience walking the Camino. You will learn a lot, and this is the best part.
      So, I´ve done de Camino from León to Santiago in 13 days last september. It would take me 3 days more walk to Fisterra. Since I didn´t have those days, I did it by car.
      I´m 44 years old, and I was in a good shape as well. My shoes were great, and I´ve used them a lot before. My backpack was light and well adjusted to my body.
      Starting in León, specially if you go in the summer, means that you will start your journey in the hottest part, with few shadow and several kilometers of asfalted roads. The heat affected severely my feet, and by the third day I got huge blisters, that got worse and worse. to the point that I had to go to a hospital in Ponferrada.
      It was a huge effort to complete my way as I´ve planned, but I did it.
      Physically, I was able to finish it in less time. But the blisters won´t let me do it.
      Besides, if you have a very long day, you arrive at the villages late, which is not good for many reasons.
      The most difficult day is from Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca. It´s long, first you go up to the Cruz de Fierro (sooooo special place), then you have to descente. We chose going down by the original path, but you can do it by the asfalted road as well.
      I´ll leave you some suggestion for you to think about:
      Do your way in 13-14 days. Follow the usual stops (the same suggested here in the site). Consider to rearrange the portion between Rabanal and O Cebreiro, adding one day maybe at the Acebo (wich is a very nice town).
      Finish in Santiago and go to Fisterra by car or bus. Or either add a couple of days to your planning (maybe starting in Astorga)…
      But the most importante thing is: your plans will have to change many times. Accept it. It´s difficult sometimes.
      Buen Camino Joann!!

      1. Many thanks for your wonderful suggestions! I plan to make this pilgrimage at the end of May and beginning of June so I hope it will not be too hot! I will take your advice and travel by car to Finisterre. I’m grateful for people who happily share their experiences! Thank you!

  9. Obviously yes…it’s possible… I did it last September in 11 days…
    That’s my “camino”…
    1. León-La Virgen del Camino: 7.3 km.
    2. La Virgen del Camino Astorga: 41.8 km.
    3. Astorga-Foncebadón: 26.2 km.
    4. Foncebadón Ponferrada: 27.3 km.
    5. Ponferrada-Trabadelo: 33.5 km.
    6. Trabadelo Fonfría: 30.8 km.
    7. Fonfría-Barbadelo: 30.9 km.
    8. Barbadelo-Ventas de Narón: 32.5 km.
    9. Ventas de Narón-Melide: 26.3 km
    10. Melide O-Pedrouzo: 32.7 km.
    11. O Pedrouzo-Santiago de Compostela: 20.1 km.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Miquel! Thanks for the information on stage lengths for trekking from Leon to the end in 11 days. we are an active family of 5 from Wyoming/USA. We’d like to do it in 11-12 days. Can you tell me how we arrange hotel accommodations in advance? Thanks!

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