Can I walk from Porto to Santiago in 10 days?


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I’m planning on walking from Porto in May. Is 10 walking days enough to make it to Santiago? I have 12 days total but would like an extra day or two in Porto before my flight home.

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  1. Porto -> S. Pedro de Rates -> Portela de Tamel -> Ponte de Lima -> Rubiens -> Tui -> Mos -> Pontevedra -> Caldas de Reis -> Santiago

  2. I did it several times in 7, 8 or 9 days… But I seriously advise doing it in 9 days…

    Porto » Rates » Barcelos » Ponte Lima » Valença/Tuy » Redondela » Pontevedra » Caldas de Reis » Padrón » Santiago…

    The only hard stage it’s the one between Ponte Lima » Valença/Tuy (nearly 40 kms) but there is albergue in the middle, in Rubiães. Bom Caminho!

  3. 10 days, stick to the coastline. the arrows will lead you. absolutely superb.

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