Can I walk the Camino with a child?

Camino de Santiago with Children

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My three daughters (all in their 20s) and myself will be walking together. Two of them and I will be walking from SJPP with the third joining us in (S) for the last week of the walk. She will be bringing my 2 year old grandson. I thought that we might either bring our or purchase a charriot along the way for him. He could then walk, run, ride…whatever. Has anyone brought a child or does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations, or experiences they could share that might be of benefit to us? Our family has recently suffered a tragedy and it is important that we do this pilgrimage together.

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  1. most airlines will take children’s push chairs free of charge, so bring your own – but make sure it is comfortable to push on rough terrain and that it gives adequate shade from the sun. also important to consider –
    will your grandchild sleep in a bed?

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