Can I walking The Camino Without Training?

The question was:

This feels like the right year for me to walk the Camino– much change in my life, and many “What’s it all about?” questions to chew on. But I’m feeling fear, because I’m not in the best shape of my life.

If it’s possible to “train as I go,” I’d really like to get on the road in May– before “peak heat,” and before I postpone this again. Is this realistic?

  • I’m carrying a lot of extra weight, the kind I can’t leave at home, or send ahead.
  • Apart from that, I’m in good health. Blessed with strong legs, rarely hurting.
  • Background of physical activity– walking, hiking, cycling (including 5-6 centuries)
  • Uphills have always been difficult, but I usually make it to the top. (Just not fast or pretty)
  • I have plenty of time. Could walk 10km a day if I needed to.

This isn’t an easy thing to write about. I’m carrying a lot of shame along with the pounds. But there’s so much wisdom and support in this Forum, I’m hopeful people here may have some answers.

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