Can you get Camino gear at the dollar store?

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The question was:

I mentioned in the thread about dry bags for the shower that I purchased Extra Large ziplock bags from the Dollar Store for this purpose.

I thought that I’d start a thread about other Dollar Store bargains that I have found for the Camino.

  • I actually just visited my local Dollar Store and found that they now have Compeed type blister bandages – a box of 4 for $1!
  • I use the small zippered mesh bags to hang any laundry that hasn’t dried on the back of my pack. I don’t mind pinning a couple of socks to my pack, but when I need to put my undies, and other walking clothes on the outside of my pack I prefer to have them contained.
  • Small bottles of hand sanitzing gel
  • Folding pocket brush with mirror
  • Tiny single use tubes of super glue
  • Paper first aid tape for taping feet
  • Travel size deodorant
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Snack size ziplock bags – good for transferring medications to

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