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Pilgrim Statistics, June 2013 1

Pilgrim Statistics, June 2013

The pilgrims office has just released the statistics for pilgrims receiving their Compostela in June 2013. You can see the statistics in their original post. A total of 29374 pilgrims received their Compostela in June 2013. That is an average of 979...

Statistics for February 2013 5

Statistics for February 2013

The statistics for February 2013 are out. These are the pilgrims that received the Compostela at the pilgrims office in Santiago de Compostela in February 2013. During the month of February 2013 1.382 pilgrims were received at the...

Camino de Santiago Statistics for January 2013 1

Camino de Santiago Statistics for January 2013

  Pilgrim Statistics for January 2013 (Source: The pilgrims office in Santiago) During the month of January 2013 805 pilgrims were received at the Pilgrims’ Office. The number of pilgrims in the past Holy Year, 2010,...