Christmas Camino

The question was:

I know that this topic has been addressed before but I am wondering if there is any new information on accommodations open along the Camino Frances this Dec-Jan. My wife, Robin, and I will be departing St. Jean for Santiago on or about Dec 15th. Most of what I have read before warns of unexpected closures, and potentially long stages between lodging. I am assuming that will still be the case this year, but will the Holy Year activity cause others to say “enough” and close up as well when they otherwise might have remained open? This will be our first camino and we are aware of the challenges (we think), but still it beckons us. We would be grateful for any information or advice regarding the accommodation issue or anything else that others feel would be helpful to pass along regarding travel along the Frances at this time of year.We have mined lots of winter information from previous forum posts,blogs, and websites, bought the right gear (again, we think), and kept our pack weights low (7-7.5kg) but would still welcome any suggestions others might care to pass along. This is a very special journey for us (as it has been for so many others). Quite honestly at this point, we are so anxious to get going, I think we would strike out for the South Pole if that was where the Camino ended. Counting down the days.

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