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A quick snack...
This all looks delicious. What is it and how much did it cost. I am definitely trying this.
Yesterday watched a programme on BBC in the UK about guys looking for funding to open new restaurants. One such proposal was called ‘Pilgrim’ based on the camino. One of the three guys involved had walked the Frances and they were looking to recreate foods found along the route in their menu.

Apart from a potato terrine on top of lentils that was a bit like a tortilla there wasnt really much that resonated with the pilgrim food I’ve experienced! But this was apparently ‘Camino- the brand’. Needless to say it cost a huge amount more than your €9 or €10 pilgrim menu! Then add on another €26 for the wine!
And of course you can’t have a pilgrim menu without the ubiquitous chick peas!!

It was called ‘My million pound menu’ if you can access the BBC. It would be interesting to know what other folk thought of this- call me a grumpy old woman but it really annoyed me!
Interesting concept. One catch I can see. Pilgrim food tastes great, when you have just walked for 8 hours carrying a backpack, knelt by roadside crosses to think of your dearly departed, and sit down with fellow Pilgrims to share the days experience, all for e12 (3 courses with wine). Travel to a City restaurant called 'Pilgrim', with your friends from work, stressed out from your day to day, and pay that plus more per course...... Not quite the same... It's just a meal..............not an experience.

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