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"Beyond The Way" Trailer

Enjoy the Teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary Beyond the way.
has a lovely feel to it ... thanks for sharing.
yet i wonder about those statements: "you must get up before sunrise...", "you must walk in the dark of night.."
huh??? says who? and why? it's not that i mind getting up before dawn, and i did, but am really perplexed by statements as those mentioned above.
Thank you Ivar...beautiful and peaceful. Reminds me to stay positive. Loved the early morning walks stopping for cafe con leche and gently waking up as I walked. Felt like a United Nations meeting so many from everywhere. Will begin Le Puy 6-15 to SDC.
Agree completely with your questions. Yes, I did get up before dawn when others were already stirring and I did frequently start walking an hour or so before sunrise , but it was what brought me joy. It wasn't a "must" or something I felt obligated to do.
The trailer does look interesting and I look forward to watching it and by all means walk your own Camino.
Excellent! Very much looking forward to seeing the full documentary. I'm sure I can learn much from it. :)
Fantastic ! Hit the spirit of the Camino well. As for the questions on "you must...". The part that was missing was the context. In order to complete the Camino in a reasonable time without the roasting heat of the day (Jul and Aug when folks participate) one felt these actions were "musts". The best mornings were sitting and having breakfast at 9am with 12 miles already completed for the day with another 14 to go. Having experienced the total darkness of a moonless walk; navigating with our galaxy as the compass in the sky. Better still, switching off all lighting and getting used to walking at speed in the dark and solitude of an extremely early start.

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