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Calzadilla, Supermarket
Oh, I remember this tienda so well. The proprietor came in a little truck when someone told him there were customers waiting for him. He had a huge key that opened the store. It was such a tiny little store but it had everything you could possibly want, including nails, brooms, pulpo, a case of lettuce and melons in the hallway and everything else in the rafters. We were offered tastes of cheeses and olives. It was a wonderful experience and we were lucky to have the option of getting supplies for breakfast in the morning. The next stop was 18 kms along that road with all the rocks embedded in it. Long, uncomfortable walk the next day.
I remember the owner well. For me it was a long hot walk to Calzadilla, I was on my own, the temperature was between 40 and 42 degrees. I was hot, my water was hot, I was tired but plodding on. I hadn't seen another pilgrim or human in hours. Suddenly, about 3km before the town I saw a dust cloud approaching from ahead, 'a farmer' I thought, in a vehicle. The van stopped just in front of me and this guy get out, waiting for me to approach. 'Could this be trouble?' I thought. Then he opens the back of the van with a big grin on his face. In the back of the van was a huge cooler, and he handed me an ice cold bottle of water! 'Cervesa?' I asked him and yes he had cold beer too! I hugged him! He told me he was the owner of the tienda in town, and as I was staying there I popped in to say hi, thank you, and met his wonderful family.

Just another day on Camino!

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