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Each with our own path and purpose, bound by our shared humanity on Camino Primitivo, June 2023

On this pilgrimage, a mosaic of pilgrims from 24 countries.Come on this walk in the clouds to hear, see & feel more - on the original way from Asturias to ...
I am glad you enjoyed it! While making the video, I relived many of the moments and the emotions recalled were as fresh as when I walked amongst the clouds, up the hills, and a few days ago I wrote this:

"Completing the Camino Primitivo de Santiago was a profound and transformative experience, evoking a range of emotions that linger to this day after the journey's end. The Camino, with its physical challenges and spiritual undertones, has a way of leaving pilgrims with a unique sense of accomplishment, introspection, and connection - a kinship.

Physically, there's a mix of fatigue and exhilaration. The long days of walking, the varied terrain, and the unpredictable weather can push one's limits. Yet, the sore muscles and tired feet are badges of honor, tangible reminders of the miles conquered and the personal resilience discovered along the way.

Emotionally, the Camino is a rollercoaster. The solitude of the trail allows for introspection, providing ample time to reflect on life, choices, and one's place in the world. Many pilgrims report a heightened sense of gratitude, simplicity, and a renewed appreciation for the basics of life. The camaraderie forged with fellow pilgrims, often transcending language barriers, creates a unique sense of community and shared purpose.

Spiritually, the Camino has a mystical allure. Whether motivated by religious faith or a quest for self-discovery, the journey often brings about moments of clarity and spiritual insight. The simplicity of the pilgrimage, combined with the historical and cultural richness of the route, can lead to a deepened connection with something greater than oneself.

The Post-Camino feelings are bittersweet. There's a sense of accomplishment for reaching the destination, but also a reluctance to let go of the routine and the community formed on the trail. The memories of stunning landscapes, small villages, and the rhythmic sound of footsteps become cherished souvenirs filling the mind as music does.

In essence, the completion of the Camino de Santiago is not just an endpoint but a beginning. It marks the closing of a physical journey but opens doors to ongoing self-discovery, a newfound appreciation for simplicity, and a lasting connection with the diverse community of pilgrims who share in the transformative experience"

Enrique Legaspi Frias

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