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Galicia (Hobbitland) Walking in a Stream

Galicia (Hobbitland) Walking in a Stream

Galicia is so green and lush because the rain in Spain actually doesn't make it to the plain it falls here. The Goretex layer in your boots will be useful here.
I walked this stretch in dry weather and imagined how much water would come rushing down during a downpour.
Good photo helps me appreciate path I will soon travel. Lovely colours on the path bring this photo alive
I was surprised to have walked similar places just after heavy showers, to find all kind of flotsam in the these trails. I imagine centuries of pilgrims have furrowed the trail even deeper and what better way for water to travel than in these already prepared open gutters !??.
@niels hee andersen These trails are also used for moving livestock, moving farm equipment etc.
I doubt that much of the route was the actual path of the pilgrims of old.
If by flotsam you are referring to the litter along the path. It sort of diminishes your opinion of pilgrims as a group doesn't it?
@paul.ferris By flotsam I mean branches, plastic bags sticks etc, carried on by hurried water.
I think you are right by referring to livestock being led along these routes as normal thorughfare in medieval times and onwards.
The previous night's storm has done its job, knocking the chestnuts from the trees. Beth and I have a wonderful memory of a place near here where we were gathering a few chestnuts to hopefully roast somewhere that night. We heard someone call to us and looked up to see a 'farm girl' with an apron full of chestnuts. She insisted we take them all, so she leaned over the fence so we could scoop them up. We filled our pockets with as much as we could. It was a wonderful, friendly gesture from her to a couple of strangers.
We never did get to roast them, but we did pass them on to a local we met later that day.
Even so, it is a great memory. I can still recall the warm smile on her face.
Thanks paul.ferris for bring back the memory and the magic of Galicia.

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