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I'm so glad I learned how to order this in Spanish!

I'm so glad I learned how to order this in Spanish!

But maybe next time I should not eat breakfast like this all the time?
On Camino 1, we'd walked from SJPdP all the way Triacastela - the whole time wondering "where are all the eggs for bfast?". And then we learned the magical phrase!
Camino 2 was MUCH better in terms of bfast.
So, Robo, (or anyone!) what’s the right phrase???
How can you do this without passing on the secret?!😮😳😄

Thank you!!
So it was quite simple in the end?
Yes...but since I only new a bit of Spanish, and some of the other food was ok I never tried...but as the weeks progressed, I started craving eggs. It was never on the menus so I assumed they only made tostados etc. I didn't get you could order things not on a menu. So it was less about knowing the Spanish than it was knowing that you could ask off menu. Naive me.
It served me well, though. My wife and I just got off of the Via Francigena. We did 2400km from London to Rome. I knew less French and Italian than I did Spanish on our Caminos. But our trips through Spain had educated me to ask for things that weren't published. Very often they just said " will be right out".
That was a long walk!
I’d manage better in French & Italian than Spanish ..
whereabouts in London?

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