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Morning Coffee Azofra
Often coffee is not provided at the albergue or is Nescafe. So the first cafe encountered is a thrill.
Ahhh, amazing how nostalgic I can become over plastic tables and chairs on a street! Yesterday we were out training for our August 2015 Camino and after a couple of hours of walking I commented to my husband "Where is a bar when you need one? It's time for a cafe con leche." We were forced to settle for a picnic with vino tint0!
A friend of mine is on the Via de la Plata as I type this and these precious cafes are few and far between. If you can imagine it, his first coffee of the day is often when he arrive at his afternoon destination.
Oh dear, that's a long wait for coffee. Anyone who knows me is amazed that I could roll out of bed and hit the trail without caffeine on board!
@volleyjanice Often the cafe in the village where he is staying (on the Via De La Plata) doesn't open until 7:30 or 8. So unless the albergue has Nescafe he is long gone with no gogo juice.
love this place for it's tranquility I used stay here a few days.
volleyjanice, I agree I cannot possibly have much ambition without at least duos cafe com leche.
@nathanael On our "summer" trek through rain and wind to Finisterre and Muxia, we discovered just how reliant on coffee we are when none was available. What long and miserable days those felt like! Blessed are those who sell coffee to the pilgrims!

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