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My Camino, My Journey - 25th August 2014 - YouTube

Every person experiences something different on the Camino. These are my mine There is no right nor wrong way to do the Camino. Whether you complete it in on...
Every person experiences something different on the Camino. These are my mine

There is no right nor wrong way to do the Camino. Whether you complete it in one go or in different sections over the years. Whether you speed walk it or like me, go at a snail's pace.

I started out doing this to over come my fear of the unknown. To step outside the box l lived within. When l started the Camino l thought it was just a very long walk. When l finished, I realised it was more than just a walk.

To me the Camino is like having a glimpse into your life. That your entire life is compressed into 5 weeks it takes to complete the Camino or how ever long it takes you, for me it was 45 day.

Where 1 day is like a year of your life and week is like a decade.

Everything that has happened, will happen in your life is reflected in what happens to you on the Camino. All the people you meet on the Camino is a "reflection" of the people you met or will meet in your life.

All the hardships, obstacles, sorrow and happiness is a "reflection" of what you will experience in life. How you deal with issues/situations on the Camino is again, a "reflection" of how you will deal with it through out your life.

I experienced both the good in people and also the bad.

I learned that l need to be more forgiving and more accepting of others than l thought l was.

That l was not as tolerant as l thought l was and learned l have a long long way to go.

I had time to reflect on my own life, my own demons, as well as time to make peace with myself.

The Camino is a great experience and is what ever you want it to be.

A guide book is there as a guide. Not as definite way on HOW to complete it. It took me 2 weeks to realise that. So why rush through it? why rush to get to Santiago?

For once it is complete, it is over. For the first time is the one you will always remember. You will never be able to relive that first time no matter how often you redo it. It may be better, or it may be worse, but it will never be like the first time.

So enjoy it for what it is.... a journey... into your life.
Jack, thank you for sharing this heartwarming video & life lessons on the Camino.
This is just wonderful Jack! I'm on my way a week today, and am looking forward to this fabulous "journey" :) Thank you for sharing. And great pictures... from a phone!
Thanks everyone. I am happy that you all enjoyed it. I hope Julie that yours is as memorable as mine was.. Buen Camino :)
Beautiful memory
Thank you! Enjoyed your video, a wonderful collection of beautiful pictures, memories, thoughts and insights. My best friend for 54 years and I will be starting the Camino in September to celebrate our 60th birthdays this year. We are so looking forward to experiencing this magical journey for the first time!
Loved your vid, and oh my goodness, watching your Camino brought back some amazing memories. Although we rode the Camino and generally kept to the roads, we saw and experienced so many heart-stopping moments. I have to admit that your walk has inspired me to wonder if we could now have a go at walking the Camino. Cycling has its place, but is, obviously, not as all-encompassing as walking.
Just seeing this for the first time in spite of having been on the site many times over the years. Beautiful photos and a wonderful story, so well told. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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