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  • Cheers
    I was also to told it's chupito de herbes, I have it when am in Spain very nice
  • You know this place
    I had a takeaway lunch here, the owner played Leonard Cohen music when he found out I was a Canadian.
  • Pilgrim breakfast...
    I agree although the meats look good which I could eat but eggs cannot eat, last time had eggs was on the Camino del Norte five years ago..seem I...
  • Mojon at Ferreiros
    I also have this photo of this "KM" peg. Hopefully it is still there (it was in late May 2017). Unfortunately a number of dickheads (locals or...
  • 54D522F3-A455-459D-B38B-412DBF7A9F59.jpeg
    Cheers .


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