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Romantic couples

Romantic couples

So romantic ! hand in hand walked camino together .
Ah! Bless! I love it when I see people holding hands. I confess I have done the same. :oops: Also the last time I entered the Plaza Obradoiro I did so with three companions. Three of us had been a family for a few days and one had only just joined us. We did it symbolically holding hands. There was a tour group at the bottom of the archway but we managed to get through without letting go. :)
@Al the optimist Hey, Al I'm so glad to see you on this forum. I met you along the Camino this past spring, first at La Casa Magica, later on the way into Burgos (you showed me and Jerome how to go along the river), and then later I Had dinner with you and your Spanish friends in Burgos. After that I never saw you again. I finished the Camino June 28 in Santiago. I'm glad to hear that you entered Santiago with friends and love in your heart.
Hi Maria. Nice to hear from you and glad you guys got to Santiago. It was nice spending a little time with you. That was a good evening wasn't it! We were not walking the next day so another bar beckoned us afterwards.
@Al the optimist As another said, so much more than romantic, but that too in a very special way. My heart was torn several times leaving my Camino family members for one reason or another.

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