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Waiting for the Compostela
Dennis D

Waiting for the Compostela

The new Pilgrim office is very nice. Waiting in line is more comfortabe here because it is indoors. Although there were 13 stations, only 5 were open when I was there at the end of may. So the wait was about 90 minutes. I felt sorry for the volunteers because they were doing their very best to make every Pilgrim feel special and still try to process them as quickly as possible.
Is that the line/queue? Why's it so non-linear? People all jumbled up. Reminds me of the horizontal, supposed to be vertical lines I have experienced in the Middle East and SW Asia in the airports and such.
@Mark Lee - This was close the front of the line. It took 60 minutes of waiting to get this far. People were getting restless and there were a number of folks standing together. It did work out.
I have darkened these doors in years. after so many Camino's I decided why bother.
@nathanael - I hope to share that sentiment some day. But last year I was curious to see the new Pilgrim office and have the experience.
Honestly, I hope to never share that sentiment. Too cynical and harsh and at that point why bother walking the Camino at all. A little bit of a wait in a line is really never going to tarnish the Camino experience for me. The last time I walked it four of us that came into Santiago that morning walked there to the new office together and got our compostela's. It was nice.
@Mark Lee - I agree with you completely. I did not make my point clearly. The experience of standing in line inside the new office instead of standing in line outside in the rain at the old office was much nicer.

I believe that Nathanael made the point about his walking the Camino many times and now the Office doesn't interest him. I have only walked 3 so far and my 4th comes up in 5 weeks. I was trying to say that I hope to walk many more too. How many it will take before I lose interest was the question?
@Mark Lee why because I am a Catholic who does it for a purpose cynical no even an albergue owner decided to close cause he had enough of the problems with people who do the pilgrimage. some do it other than what it was intended for a religious purpose. I met two Spanish ladies from Bilbao last year and we walked for about three days and we had many a discussion on our mutual faith and beliefs. It w as edifying to me to have met them and it was one of the best experiences I have had. Another reason I don't go in the cathedral is I am a Traditional Catholic and I don't go to mass in the new order ( novus ordo ).I always thought that rash judgement on people intent was unbecoming dennis.

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