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New Profile Posts

  1. Djimbo
    Planning another Camino for 2018!
  2. Pruden
    Camino de Invierno November 2017
  3. giuliamaria
    Camino Frances - April/May 2017
  4. martyseville
    martyseville davebugg
    Dave, wonder how many on here even know what your Badge is? Few. If any.

    I never tell anyone on the Camino I am retired Army. Army '64 - '94.
    Aviation then MI.

    Flew UH-1s in Vietnam. Retired WO.

    Seeing you are from WA...guess was at Fort Lewis before.

    Again, when I am on the Camino I never tell anyone I am retired. Or my past.

    Grew up in Spain. College states. US Army. Back in Spain now.
  5. Kathleen O
    Kathleen O Davey Boyd
    Hello David. I'm sure it is you myself and my walking friend Anne met on 21st April 2017 at Alcuescar Touristico Los Olivos (service station) on VDLP. ( two Irish women). We spent a lovely evening together chatting and drinking at that place. Thought we would see you along the route again and so sorry we didn't. Would love to be in contact again. K & A
  6. Jackal
    Completed the Camino with my wife Stacey on 6 Nov 2017. Highlight was rescuing a lost kitty in the O'Cebreiro to Fonfria area; dropped it off in front of a barn door, a little girl heard the cat howling, came out and got it. Happy ending for all.
  7. Christine Maske
    Christine Maske
    Excited for my first Camino in 2018!!
  8. Vsic
    Vsic BlackRocker57
    Hi, I’m interested in the osprey aura back pack and would like to see it if possible. I live in port melb and my number is 0439767074. looking forward to hearin from you , cheers Poppy
    1. BlackRocker57 likes this.
  9. samba
    completed Mozarabe in June/July 2016(not 2017)
  10. samba
    completed Mozarabe(from Almeria to Granada ,june/july 2017
  11. CarolineMathieson
    Not really a new member. I've been on here for years now!
  12. Leadell
    Just got back to Canada from back-to-back caminos; the via Sanabrese and the Portugese from Porto. Two compostelas in one month! Time to put the feet up.
  13. Bama Geezer
    Bama Geezer
    Older fella, 70+, from Alabama--hence the Bama Geezer. Preparing for my pilgrimage in April and May 18.
  14. Hils Harvey
    Hils Harvey
    Camino de Santiago May/June 2016
  15. possie
    Caminante, son tus huellas el camino, y nada más; caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar (Antonio Machado)
  16. futurefjp
    Nine days. One day off in Córdoba. Washing and necessities. Too many vino Fino Montilla-Moriles on Saturday... Subtle headache all the way out of Córdoba.
  17. Peter Knezevich
    Peter Knezevich
    i kave stage 4 brain cancer some recent impairments feelimg left side not good, foot fnumb. I'm feeling and good and would like to quickly jump off and go 1/1/18 thoughts?
    1. lovingkindness
      Nov 8, 2017
  18. Peter Knezevich
    Peter Knezevich
    looking to go 1/1/18 withgbm
  19. Peter Knezevich
    Peter Knezevich
    need advice some limitations
  20. Jim McMurtrie
    Jim McMurtrie
    Arriving in Madrid April 7, start my Camino on the 10th
  21. Bob from L.A. !
  22. Perfect Joy
    Perfect Joy
    Super excited to do Camino Frances on April-May 2018.
  23. Sunrayrob
    Camino Frances SJPDP to Santiago 18 September to 21 October 2017
  24. WayneG
    Camino Frances completed. Amazing
  25. Dog Walker
    Dog Walker
    I hope to walk St. James Way in spring 2018. Will it be too busy during the Easter period (April 1st). Should I try to complete the walk before this date?
  26. T-Camino
    Hey! I completed the Camino de Santiago alongside my partner. I am planning to go again but am happy to offer advice from my somwhat unconventional experience!
  27. Paul McG
    Paul McG
    OUT NOW! 'Northbound', the sequel to 'Ego Trip'. The Camino Portugués from Lisbon to Finisterre via Santiago de Compostella.
  28. Tom Vickers
  29. Francois65
    Camino From Nov 6th 2017
  30. Islandjoe
    Islandjoe ivar
    I met so many wonderful people on the Camino and continue to stay in close touch with them. I hope that I will have a chance again to meet you in Santiago.
    Buen Camino
  31. Islandjoe
    Islandjoe ivar
    Hi Ivar... I just sent 60 euros and wanted to help you keep your formum going. In September and October of 2014 We met in your office in Santiago and you spoke of your plans for this formum and is it exciting to see them unfold so well!! I plan to do another Camino in the next year. I
  32. jenwearing
    Taking the time off in spring 2018 to walk from SJPP to Santiago and couldn't be more excited
  33. santisec
    santisec yaying
    Hi Yaying, thanks for your likes.I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. Ciao
    1. yaying likes this.
    2. yaying
      its very redundant though...but really thankfulness is mine to people like u who shares their a days every photo posted on this forum, i pay attention as i've learned some of them captures graciously despite of their weary body. once again thank u!
      Nov 2, 2017
      NovaSofi, Dennis D and santisec like this.
    3. yaying
      good day to you @santisec and reset of your love one...thankfulness is lucky i am to see free what youve viewed...
      Nov 16, 2017 at 6:57 AM
      santisec likes this.
  34. Jay Es
    Jay Es
    And next years Camino is...
  35. Jay Es
    Jay Es
    A Perigrino that cycled the Del Norte in May 2017 and the Portuguese as our way home.
  36. Francois65
    Nov 6th 2017...start from Lourdes
  37. Håvard Karlsen
  38. Beverley Dyer
    Beverley Dyer
    Is anyone doing part of the Camino starting as late as ? 12 November
    1. Francois65
      Hi Beverley
      I start Nov 6th from Lourdes and hope to be by Saint Jean pied de port on 12th.
      Maybe we'll met on the Camino !

      Buen Camino
      Ultreia !
      Nov 2, 2017
  39. Peter Dobbs
    Peter Dobbs
    Just finished second camino
  40. Sue L
    Sue L
    Conques - SJPP May/June 2017
  41. Bob from L.A. !
    Bob from L.A. ! mspath
    10 times ???????? Wow impressive !!!
  42. Nancy Heinzen
    Nancy Heinzen
    Back from my first Camino and planning my next one.
  43. ScaryB4Coffee
    My husband and walking stick avatar, Steve!
  44. ScaryB4Coffee
    Del Norte, aloneCamino Frances 2018 with
  45. AJGuillaume
    2000km in 5 months...
  46. Jim irish
    Jim irish
    The last min gitters , will I won't I , it seems no matter how much you plan something in your mind and even your gut feeling is telling you something it only takes a little whisper in your mind to disrupt everything .....
  47. Mike Savage
    Mike Savage alexwalker
    It was great meeting you and hanging out together. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip. I hope you are well and that everything is going well for you.

    Mike Savage
    1. alexwalker likes this.
    2. alexwalker
      Ditto! Take care: See you on the Way again. :-)
      Oct 25, 2017
  48. Peter Knezevich
    Peter Knezevich
    starting march april
  49. Renate from Holland
    Renate from Holland
    Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward...
  50. Renate from Holland
    Renate from Holland
    It doesn't matter how fast you go, as long as you don't stop...
  51. MyDestinationGalicia
    Next caminos from Braga..Ribeiro & Mariana
  52. happymarkos
    Really enjoyed the Spiritual Variation on the Portuguese Camino
  53. AriJoaquin
    AriJoaquin yaying
    Let me know if you have questions! Keep it simple, wear comfy boots!
    1. yaying likes this.
    2. yaying
      @AriJoaquin thank you in very minimalist though
      Oct 23, 2017
      santisec likes this.
  54. edandjoan
  55. Zen Librarian
    Zen Librarian
    Post Camino blues.... getting back to 'real life'.
  56. Bob from L.A. !
    Bob from L.A. ! brian v
    Has your father been located yet?
  57. Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander
    No time like the present
  58. AriJoaquin
    I published in September the book I wished I had when I walked the Camino de Santiago. English and Spanish! Title: Camino de Santiago: 40 Contemplations As You Walk" Available in Paperback and ebook in Amazon! It is an offering to the walk!
  59. mgnswaus
    mgnswaus gittiharre
    Hi Gitti, not sure if this is how I PM you.... Could you please send me what you have on Geneva to Le Puy, particularly re accommodation. Is it well marked?
    1. gittiharre
      Sure. Yes it is well marked. Did not get lost at all this time round.
      If you email me I can send you my planners.
      Also blogs on
      Oct 22, 2017
  60. Jan Jones
    Jan Jones
    Perth, WA, Planning on walking the Camino Frances in April May 2018.
  61. John R McLean
    John R McLean
    Completed Camino de Portuguese June 2017
  62. kelleymac
    Home again--
  63. DeansFamily
    Santiago to Finesterre 18/10 to 23/10
  64. DeansFamily
    SJPdP to Santiago 18/9 to 16/10/2017
  65. Rick of Rick and Peg
  66. hollyann
    I plan on walking the Camino in September of 2018. I want to start in St Jean-du-Port. What City/town do I fly into?
  67. Bob from L.A. !
    Bob from L.A. ! Sissy010
  68. Bob from L.A. !
    Bob from L.A. ! Sissy010
    Keep us all posted on your life adventure and let us know your thoughts once you are done !!!!!

    Enjoy !!!!!!
    1. Sissy010
      Oct 17, 2017
      Bob from L.A. ! likes this.
  69. Thornley
    Thornley khiker9
    This is great news,
    I notice you took 6 days to Muxia ,via Finisterre , the correct amount according to our records
    However if you can assist slow , take it all in oldies , on the Ingles Khiker9 it would be appreciated.
    We got used to using the bags when we commenced in Le Puy many years ago.
    My best wishes,
  70. Daniel A Rodriguez
    Daniel A Rodriguez
    Pray hope and don’t worry, worry is useless god is merciful and will hear your prayer Saint Padre Pío
  71. Lucy Longpath
    Lucy Longpath
    Just walked the North Wales Pilgrims Way in late September early October
  72. hugogonzz
    They usually say "second restaurant is better", It doesn´apply to Sundays 7:00 am in Castrojeriz, when you are starving, all of them closed
  73. Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson
    Rejoining Camino Sanabres Wednesday 18th October
  74. Reija
    Ulm-Konstanz will be next!
  75. Paddy Lonergan
    Paddy Lonergan
    Completed Porto to Santiago
  76. Kay Pettiford
    Kay Pettiford
    camino francis 2015
  77. James X
    James X
    On Route via The Portuguese
  78. Cesar Manzano
    Cesar Manzano
    Starting VDLP from Mérida on 14th October/2017
  79. sue-sheila
    Left the Camino 2 weeks ago and am suffering from Camino Blues!!!! :-(
  80. Hillealker
    Route from Alcanena to Fatima
  81. Inhwan
    in Great depression after camino
  82. Paul Corrin
    Paul Corrin
    Just finished Santiago-Muxia- Fisterra! Sept/Oct - no rain!!
  83. Poppy-Pete
    Poppy-Pete Trude
    Hello Trude, thanks for the information on flights, you sound like a well seasoned Camino traveller. Cheers Pete
    1. Trude
      Thanks, I lost my sister aged 55 and decided you only live once that we know off. Have not stopped traveling since. Life is good.
      Oct 12, 2017
      Poppy-Pete likes this.
  84. Cecilia Karlberg
  85. Andrew Johnstone
    Andrew Johnstone
    My wife and I intend walking Camino Portugues at the end of August 2018 and would like to get in touch with anyone from Cape Town, South Africa who has recently completed the walk and anyone who intends walking it around the same time as us.
  86. Shyland
    Starting Camino Frances Oct 11 or 12 or 13 2017?
  87. Andrew James Doyle
    Andrew James Doyle
    Back in work after a fabulous Ingles Camino... Already thinking about Costa de Muertes and then Muxia, Finestarra and return to Saturday next..
  88. Jo114
    SJPP - Santiago 2016. Irun - Santiago 2017. Planning Via DLP 2018.
  89. Jo114
    SJPP - Santiago 2016
  90. JeffV
    Walking April 2018!
  91. caminobrit
    Camino Frances 2004, 2006 2008, Camino del Norte 2012 Camino Aragon to Burgos 2011 Camino Primativo 2014 Camino portuguesse Lisbon 2015
  92. caminobrit
    Camino Frances 2004, 2006, 2008,
  93. happymarkos
    Just completed the Seaside Route from Porto to Santiago including the Spiritual Variation. The Seaside route was easier walking than the central one and well supplied with albergues. Lots of great seafood.
  94. williamlittig
    Hospitalero Estella Parocial Albergue, September 2017
  95. Nancy Heinzen
    Nancy Heinzen
    I met a camino angel today it happened so quickly I didn't get to exchange information so we could be in contact with each other. I hope someone will know her so we can connect. Her name is Lidia she is from Dublin and was headed to Tui.
  96. Ganka
  97. Terasanta runner
    Terasanta runner
    Plannig top run the camino on sep 2018
  98. Jo King
    Jo King
    Completed C.F. Sept 29 2017
  99. Jo King
    Jo King
    Burgos to Sarria Apr/May 2017
  100. Rupert Canales
    Rupert Canales
    8 months away from the next camino
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