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New Profile Posts

  1. Roger Pimenta
    Roger Pimenta
    Starting CF April 1st 2017
  2. Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson
    Day 5 Camino Mozàrabe tomorrow
  3. Pruden
    Pruden CallmeGrace
    Welcome to Camino Forum!
    Are you walking Camino de Santiago this year??
  4. marjm007
    marjm007 Sarah Olson
    Hi Sarah, I intend to walk the Portugues in September. I am from the east coast. I walked the Frances a few years ago And flew into Madrid. What is the best way to fly and get to Porto?
    1. Sarah Olson
      Sarah Olson
      Hi! My first recommendation would be to download the Rome2rio app, and Skyscanner. You should have an easier time than I did finding direct flights, from the east coast ( lucky you!). I will be going to Madrid with a stop in Amsterdam first, but I didn't know you can go straight from Amsterdam to Porto on a low-cost airline! Plan to take some time and play with the possibilities.
      Mar 24, 2017 at 4:45 AM
    2. Sarah Olson
      Sarah Olson
      If you are on Facebook, join the Caminho Portuguese Pilgrims group!
      Mar 24, 2017 at 4:46 AM
  5. Sorcha
    We run a guest house in Riego del Camino on the Via de la Plata route. Not your usual albergue experience:) You can find us on FB at Casa Camino Riego or through our website We hope to welcome you soon. Buen Camino!
  6. Sorcha
    We run a beautiful, historic guest house in Riego del Camino on the Via de la Plata route. You can find us on Facebook - Casa Camino Riego or through our website:
  7. Baggiegaz
    Hi everyone..I'm doing Camino Frances on may 30 with a mate and have been doing long walks in prep..I've noticed getting discomfort and slight aches under metatarsal area..can anyone recommend decent insole/pads to help me..I'm n uk..thanks.
  8. karihanes
    Staying in Bayonne end of Apr. The last time we did camino we stayed at the Hotel Paris Madrid. Pretty sure that place has been torn down. Suggestions for places close to the train station? Thanks!
  9. Cathy K.
    Cathy K. dreamwalker
    Hi! Dreawalker,
    I made for the first time and first day of my Camino.
    Made ok. Forecast was right, saw snow falling down this morning in
    Astorga, hotel provided excellent breakfast by the time when we left no snow, starting points out of town, on the way for the first noc. stop,
    trails are well marked, no gps, no navigate needed.
    I can send only shorten one
    Thanks, From Cathy.
  10. gracethepilgrim
    2017 plans afoot for May/June Levante
  11. Healthful
    Wishing that all of you will have a complete and balance and fulfilled life...
  12. Chris from Chester uk
    Chris from Chester uk
    About to do the Portuguese again from porto, March 27th
  13. Paul Choi
  14. Jonathan Blum
    Jonathan Blum rebeccaryall
    Thanks for the advice...all good ideas.
  15. Doug Rehnblom
    Doug Rehnblom
    Always planning for the next adventure.
  16. Rhysmike
    Planning our next Camino Frances, hopefully starting early May next year (2017).
  17. bobkorzo
    Excited to be Returning to the Camino May 17,2017.
  18. Glenn Rowe
    Glenn Rowe
    I'm really enjoying the "Green-as-Ireland" hills here in SoCal, temporary though this color-change be. And they really are as green as the West of Ireland....
  19. Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson
    Inbound Camino Mozarabe
  20. JimGeier
    Next Camino Sep 2017
  21. CaminoMatt73
    My Instagram id is mjs_travels keep my travels up to date. Skiing in Alberta and BC was wonderful. I'm in Pembroke Ontario now and going to Ottawa on Wednesday to fly to London then Madrid. Still on target for walking from Seville on Saturday.
  22. lincorunders
  23. mjfisher02
    ...if you compromise the process, you're an a-hole when you go up. you're an a-hole when you come back. -Yvon Chouinard
  24. Juan Antonio Perez
    Juan Antonio Perez
    Since, I found out about my family roots come from Portugal and Galicia, I have been learning Portuguese. That will also make my Camino, mais agradavel.
  25. Juan Antonio Perez
    Juan Antonio Perez
    In August 11th, 2017, I will be starting my second Camino. The Caminho Portuguese della Costa, I love it so much the first time, this time I will follow the coast all the way to Patron with a visit to the Cies Islands. Anybody around ?
  26. lincorunders
    Looking forward to my first Camino experience end of March
    1. Cathy Sackett likes this.
  27. jagoca
    Walking via de la Plata (Seville > Santiago) now and despite a few blister-related pains (which have reminded me how important rest days are), am really enjoying it, especially all the beautiful spring flowers. Buen camino to all others en route too
  28. PADD
    PADD C clearly
    hey C Clearly
    Please forgive me I am new to this game and thought I was the first to answer!!

    Could you help me please since you are a veteran?

    I am doing the camino for the first time this year starting 24 July

    It will be hot and crowded that time of year

    Would it be wise to take the coastal route instead of the route inland?

    What are the pros and cons?

    Kind regards
    1. C clearly
      C clearly
      I haven't done the Norte, nor walked the Frances in August, so you'd be better to post a thread for others to chime in! There are some good threads on the Norte.
      Mar 19, 2017 at 4:11 PM
  29. mjfisher02
    ...if you compromise the process, you're an asshole when you go up. you're an asshole when you come back. -Yvon Chouinard
  30. JuneM
    JuneM Alex Dittmer
    Hi Alex,
    We are starting the Primitivo on May 1, if all goes as planned. We will be coming off of the Salvador. Maybe our paths will cross.

  31. Freewalker
    Freewalker tillyjones
    Sorry 2 messages as only allows 400 characters per message :( hence my last message being shortened lol... I walked the Portuguese solo although did meet some incredible locals, who I am in close contact with - not so much other peregrinos/as. Would love to hear from you. Maybe better to email me at
  32. Freewalker
    Freewalker tillyjones
    Hi tilyjones - Freewalker (Mary) from Toronto. Have friends walking the VdlP at the mo but started a month ago. Have been looking for flights for late April/ May to start in Seville. R U flying into Seville?I walked the Caminho Portuguese Central in October and am hooked on this way of traveling... I usually do wilderness backpacking trips Pukaskwa, Cloche, East Coast trail etc Solo ?
  33. lincorunders
    Hello all My friend and I are flying into Madrid on 26 March to walk from Salamanca. Can anyone tell me where we can get our mpilgrims passes from? We are starting our walking from Salamanca. All help welcome :-)
  34. Robo
    Planning next Camino...
  35. Marly
    Be pacient
  36. Felipe
  37. MM Ahlskog
    MM Ahlskog Felipe
    Hello Felipe. Am planning to walk the Piedmont way this year, is it possible to contact you by email to get your insights? No problem if this is something you rather not do. Thanks!
    1. Felipe likes this.
  38. MM Ahlskog
    MM Ahlskog NicMen
    Hi NicMen, I am planning to walk Piedmoment way this year. Is it possible that I contact you via email to get more insights from you? It's ok to say no. No problem. Thank you!
  39. BiancaLustra
    Hi, I'm will arriving in Biarritz on September 18 around 10:30 am. Any one will the at this airport that day and maybe wants to share a taxi to SJPDJ?
  40. Lmsundaze
    This year, Porto to Muxia, starting September 23
  41. Jean Guy Richard
    Jean Guy Richard
    Nova Scotia, Canada
  42. Chris Henderson
    Chris Henderson
    Start walking from SJPDD in 6 days. Excited but very nervous
  43. JillGat
    JillGat Frank Mestre
    Hola Frank,
    What part of Spain are you from? Do you have a restaurant in London? What made you decide to do Via La Plata? Jill
    1. Frank Mestre
      Frank Mestre
      Hey Jill I'm from Jerez de la Frontera. Been in England since I was three. Yes i've had restaurants for many years and now I'm taking a rest. Lastly to your questions as in why. Why do so many pips do it? Is it a rest from the rat rest or find ones self or to decide which exit on takes at a cross road. Or is it a spiritual thing. God knows, but it seems like a good idea.
      Mar 14, 2017
  44. Gitlyn
    Gitlyn CaptBuddy
    I live in Clearwater, FL and have completed the Camino Frances SJPdP to SdC in 2014 and 2015. I keep thinking of when I can go again. One of your postings mentioned a Miami group where 'Camino type walks' are organized. It's just what I need. May I please have their information. Or any other such groups closer to Clearwater. Thanks for any information you have for me.
    1. CaptBuddy
      Mar 14, 2017
  45. Gitlyn
    Gitlyn Dutchwalk53
    Hello Dutchwalk53, My name is Mary and I live in Clearwater, FL. I walked the Camino Frances from SJPdP to SdC in 2014 and 2015. I understand how you feel as I too feel the urge to continue to do 'camino type walks". Your suggestion of forming a walking group sounds like just what I need. Definitely interested.
  46. BillieBob
    Planning another Camino in September 2017
  47. Freewalker
    Freewalker CaminoMatt73
    Your ski trip ? I just returned from Kicking Horse, Kimberley and Fernie ! EPIC powder condition unbelievable skiing trained like a dog for 2 months still wasn't enough.... 20- 40 cm almost everyday ! Have slept almost 10 hours every night since arriving home. Exhausted from skiing all that powder and wonderful playing in the moguls. Am looking to walk the VdlP April or the Primitivo in May. Happy walking.
  48. DeniseT
    1st June I leave SJPDP - getting real
  49. MikeShaw
    MikeShaw SYates
    AND by the way...
    Think about another book, please, just purely fun with lots and lots of stories and anecdotes. May not sell as well, but easy to write and self publish for your fans. Count me as one of them!
    1. SYates likes this.
  50. MikeShaw
    MikeShaw SYates
    Got your book and really enjoyed it. Thanks. (I'll pass on the iodine and syringe situation and wear good socks and trail hiking shoes well broken in, thank you. Maybe your intent was to scare us out of getting a blister... It worked.) Thanks!
    1. SYates likes this.
  51. pilgrim b
    pilgrim b anna pugh
    Well done Anna you have the rest of your life to make sense of your journey. "All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware" .
  52. Jules67
    Packed and ready but my backpack is weighing over 10kg
  53. Lucy Longpath
    Lucy Longpath
    Thinking of walking the Camino Madrid around end of April 2017.
  54. Keith Alexander
    Keith Alexander
    Camino Primitivo starting from Oviedo 01 April 2017 and arriving in SdC for Easter - or pushing through to Finisterre by 17 April. Who's coming :D ?
  55. RachelNZ
    Hi Gwen, Rachel Goodman here. I remember you from 4WDing. I will be walking the camino Frances starting in SJPDP on the 19th of April this year and I heard from someone, I forget now who, that told me you had done the Camino. Someone we both know but I cant remember who it was I was talking to! Im amazed you have done the camino already 6 times, thats amazing, You obviously survived so I reckon Ill be ok. :)
      Wow How amazing. If you want to call me or meet up I would love to chat to you about walking the camino. 0274483226
      I did Via de la Plata last Nov Dec on my own and Im going back to start in Lisbon end of May with my son Mathew. How wonderful that you are doing it. Regards Gwen
      Mar 14, 2017
  56. Sylvie Cousineau
    Sylvie Cousineau Annie25a
    Hi Annie, we will probably cross path at some point, Im arriving in SJPP on the 25th late but will start the next day 26th.
    1. Annie25a likes this.
    2. Annie25a
      Sounds nice
      Look out for one another
      Mar 14, 2017
  57. Sylvie Cousineau
  58. Monajul
    Monajul ivar
    We are ready for our Camino! End of May/June . We made our reservations and thanks to all the wonderful information on this forum we are confident that we will be just fine! Looking forward to meeting so many wonderful people and contributing to the Camino Family.
  59. ValsaceK
    From Arizona
  60. weradln
    Changed to Camino Francais . Arrive SJPDP 20 April.
  61. Monajul
    Booked for Beilari May 26, 2017 So excited!!
  62. Cathal Kearney
    Cathal Kearney
    Starting from St. Jean de Pied on 20th August 2017
  63. Paul nelson
    Paul nelson
    Camino Frances--2015
  64. nomadpeah
    It's taken a while, but Camino number 2 is calling my name.
  65. Monajul
    Monajul Suzanne Clark
    I emailed Orisson this week and got a response to via email. My arrival date is May 27, 2017. I did email twice this week. I am now waiting for an invoice via paypay. Email again.
  66. Thomas Choi
    Thomas Choi Galuh
    Hi Galuh, buen camino !
  67. Reidun Johannessen
    Reidun Johannessen JohnnieWalker
    I will start my walking from Porto to Santiago the 21. this month. I want to take the coastal route. I wonder if albuerges is open this time of the year ? I havn't found a good guide for the coast route, so I would be grateful for information.
    Thank you - hilsen Reidun from Norway
  68. mvanert
    Looking forward to my next camino in 2018.
  69. Viking-on-the-trail
    Going on May 1st on CF from Burgos to Santiago and then hospitalero for 1,5 month...
  70. Viking-on-the-trail
    Viking-on-the-trail Joodle
    Hi Joodle,
    Don't know if you remember me but we meet last year on CF. we walked together for some hours and talked on several days My name is Cristine and from Denmark. Just saw your post about going out again. Me too... but on CF again this time from Burgos. All my best Wishes for you and buon Camino.
    Sincerely Cristine

    Ps. Sorry I couldn't see that I could send this greeting privately
    1. Joodle
      Hi Cristine, I remember you and your beautiful blonde hair. We walked one day and I had sent my pack ahead. I am walking the VDLP with the lady from Canada that I walked more than half the way with. Her daughter won't be with us this time. You were so kind to help Karen out when she was sick. Buen Camino on
      your journey!!
      Mar 9, 2017
  71. Christian Hiriart
    Christian Hiriart
    Going back March 2018
  72. Sarah Huggett
    Sarah Huggett
    Heading out 29th March 2017 - Anyone want to share taxi from Biarritz to SJPP? 5.30pm ☺
  73. jostony
    jostony ivar
    Hello. Walking second camino from Lisbon. meeting wife and daughter there at the end. Provisionally booked 3 nights them into Hotel Pazo de Altamira, near the market. Is this a good area? Brother has booke dinto Hotel Arco de Mazarelos (Transito de los Gramticos). Is this a better area? Any guidance much appreciated. Thanks Tony
    1. ivar
      Both good places... 300 meters apart, you should be fine both of you :-) Buen camino!
      Mar 9, 2017
    2. jostony
      Mar 9, 2017
    3. jostony
      Ivar. can you also recommend any restaurants near to Hotel Pazo de Altamira near the market?
      Mar 10, 2017
  74. Nancy Heinzen
    Nancy Heinzen
    When Delta changes your connecting flight in Amsterdam leaving one hour to clear customs and check in for the next leg to MAD. Anyone know what I can expect with the narrow timeline?
  75. Luka
    This summer, Camino del Norte :-)
  76. sulu
    Hi! The weather is incredibly variable, we are about to have a heat wave. The problem is always going to be the night times, you may need to but almost all towns have a China shop so you can always pick something up if you need to, Buen camino Sue
  77. pilgr
    pilgr sulu
    Hi Sulu, I am a long way behind you in Moixente Valencia. The weather has been quite pleasant and warm. Given what weather you have seen, do you think picking up thermal (termica) underwear as a precaution would still be necessary as I get inland?
  78. poogeyejr
    poogeyejr wayfaring stranger
    I have been in a country during a visa change. The Visa is for entering the country - crossing the border. In a European country once you are in the country you are fine.
    Enjoy your camino!
  79. Bill Anlyan
    Bill Anlyan
    Veteran Member
  80. jkd69
    Baldy Bloke that likes to roam
  81. HalfDomeOrBust
    HalfDomeOrBust jujubery
    Hey JUJU. Where in upstate NY are you from? We are from the Syracuse area. Ed
    1. jujubery
      Morning Ed,
      we are from the Albany area. Specifically Schenectady. But not many people are familiar with Schenectady! My husband and I are venturing out on our first Camino the start of April. Very excited and a bit jittery. But all should be well. As I have read on the forum the Camino will provide! I have been to Syracuse many times.
      Oh , bed bugs concern me a lot. would you suggest spraying with Premithin ?
      Mar 7, 2017
    2. HalfDomeOrBust
      Yes, yes, yes. Use permethrin spray!!! I spray everything but my toothbrush. Inside/outside pack all my clothes, inside boots/sandels with the insert removed. And spray the insert also!!! Have found dead bed bugs in my pack and under insert of my boots. When we arrive at home I had pre placed 6 large black garbage bags in garage. We strip in garage and EVERYTHING goes in these bags.
      Mar 7, 2017
    3. HalfDomeOrBust
      I squirt a bit of permethrin spray in the bag seal it shut tight and let it bake in the black driveway for three days with plenty of sun to heat it up. Never had a bug in the house and do not want to have that happen ! In May I start my 4th Camino and next we go to lisbon in 2018 to hike back to SDC. Buen Camino. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Ed
      Mar 7, 2017
  82. Lydia Le
    Lydia Le jujubery
    What size skirt are you looking for? I have one in stone that I can give you. I have to check the size, but I think mine is small.
    1. jujubery
      Lydia, I am a small/medium. Would love to have this skirt for the Camino as I have heard so many wonderful things about the comfort, easy care and pockets! Let me know if you are still interested in sending the skirt my way. I would be happy to pay you for it and also pay for shipping
      thank you,
      Mar 7, 2017
    2. jujubery
      are you still interested in sending your skirt my way? If something has changed, no worries, just want to know if I should continue looking.
      thank you,
      Mar 9, 2017
  83. rba
    rba luvtraveling
    I depart for Lisbon on March 7 arrive March 8 and begin Camino on March 10.
  84. Martha Jansen
    Martha Jansen
    Planning to walk my 2nd Camino in 2018 to commemorate my 80th birthday.... good to have plans at my stage of life!
  85. PDX Bucky
    PDX Bucky
    Constantly preparing physically and spiritually
  86. Monajul
    Booked my flight to Paris and can't wait to start my first Camino on May 24, 2017. All the info has been so wonderful on the forum!
  87. Brenda Dusek
    Brenda Dusek Debra T
    Hi Debra
    My wife and I are also leaving St Jean Pied de Port on April 20th. We are also on our first Camino and are very excited as well.
    Peter & Brenda
    1. Debra T likes this.
  88. Dellboy
    Planning to undertake Camino de Santiago in September 2018
  89. nim
    first camino (Camino Frances) starting on 28th of April from SJPP
  90. Daniel Broderick
    Daniel Broderick
    Walking from Saint Jean de Pied de Port, 22 years old, Irish, should be a laugh
  91. hikingmd_05
    hikingmd_05 Thomas Choi
    hi! I'm from the Philippines & walked the camino frances (SJPdP-Burgos) last Sept. I met many Koreans during that walk & liked them a lot for being jolly and nice camino companions in the trail.
    I wont be surprised to see Koreans again when I'll be resuming my camino on May 31 from Burgos.
    good luck & buen camino.

    1. Thomas Choi likes this.
  92. Road Warrior 1
    Road Warrior 1
    Barrie & Diane are the RoadWarriors, looking forward to meeting you along the (Frances) way.
  93. Nan
  94. Bill MacDonald
    Bill MacDonald
    Hello, Bill, 59, from Tasmania, Australia. In 2017 I am taking time out to walk the Camino. Going solo, resisting all urges to over think and over plan. Going with an open heart. Setting off on May15 from St Jean Pied de Port. :-)
  95. Jenny@zen
    Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time
  96. Molly Kettler
    Molly Kettler
    Planning and training for my first Camino, from Porto to Santiago.
  97. ccmranger
    Member with no special status.
  98. Sr.Bigote
    Sr.Bigote HedaP
    I get to Madrid on April 2 with train to Pamplona. Sunday is proving a challenge getting to SJPP. I plan to start on the 3rd and if the weather is decent, I want to go over the Pyrenees. . . .but do it all in one day. So, I could be in Roncevalles on the night of April 3 if everything worked out. I hope to cross paths. Take a look at my photo and say "hi" when we cross paths.
  99. Scarlet819
    SJDP on April 13th, 2017.
  100. Ignacio
    Camino Frances -25/8/16 to 30/9/16
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