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New Profile Posts

  1. EmoJohnson
    Currently on Camino
  2. Paul nelson
    Paul nelson
    Camino Frances-2015
  3. Artistinclay
    Flight booked camino portugues cant wait .
  4. patk
  5. Britt
    9 days till first Camino!
  6. Britt
    9 days to go! Did a big practice walk yesterday with pack, shoes and gear. A total of 27km with a cumulative elevation of 583m, and a pace of 5km/hour :) I'm feeling ready, bring on the 8th of June!
  7. hiker0318
    Any one want to share a taxi to St. Jean August 29 from Biarritz, My flight arrives from London at 4pm
  8. Bob from L.A. !
  9. Bob from L.A. !
  10. PlutseligPilegrim
  11. angelab
    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Lao Tzu
  12. susilyn
    ISO a Walking Companion Camino Portuguese July 2017
  13. Peregrinandbearit
    I wonder why I'm still a "New Member," after becoming a member in 2013...
  14. eileemaria coffey
    eileemaria coffey
    Worried about walking the Camino sola beginning on 6/12/17
  15. BryanBailey
    I had trouble with the RENFRE kiosk in Madrid (to Pamplona) last week. My credit card shows that I was double charged. How can I get this resolved. I'm on the Camino. I'll be in Granon tonight.
  16. oneknee1
    Stopped in past Ivar for guide book!!
  17. Janet Caroline butler
    Janet Caroline butler
    Portuguese walk weather is appalling with storms heavy rain. Wet wet
  18. Suzanne Millar
    Suzanne Millar
    Completed Frances 2016 an dreaming of the next one....thinking Primivito
  19. Healthful
    Glad to be in good health!
  20. bonafem
    bonafem Anniesantiago
    Hi Annie! I think this is how you send a PM but if not sorry haha. I saw on a thread from a couple years back that you had some information about the route from Barcelona to Monsterrat. If you still have that information would it be possible to send it my way? Leaving on Friday and trying to get my route sorted! Thanks so much!
  21. Anna Russell
    Anna Russell
    Walking Camino Frances Aug 2017
  22. elisabetta luzzi
    elisabetta luzzi
    Hallo, on July 11th (Tuesday) I need to leave Finisterre very early to arrive to Santiago train station not later than 09,00 in the morning. Monbus arrives too late, taxi is too expensive. Any other suggestion? Thank you in advance. Elisabetta
  23. Lynda Millington
    Lynda Millington
    Dreaming about my next Camino in 2018
  24. Håvard Karlsen
    Håvard Karlsen
    Soon at Carrion de los Condes!
  25. Eddiebee
    On the Camino
  26. gavin01
    2015 Le Puy, 2016 Arles, 2917 Frances
  27. Aaronloughrey
    Two months to go! Crikey!
  28. nutstree
    October 2015 walked from Porto to Santiago and on 16 May 2017 (1 week ago!) finalized the Camini Primitivo from Oviedo to Lugo.
  29. Jeff Crawley
    Jeff Crawley
    Planning for the next one. (Which I said would never happen again, ever).
    Finished Portugues coastal, next one is St Olav's way in Norway July/Aug 2017
  31. RobS
    Just bought my ticket: PDX to LIS 9/11/17!
  32. Michella Michels
    Michella Michels
    Only one week...
  33. Michella Michels
    Michella Michels
    I wil arrive in Pamplona Saturday (May 27) around 3:30pm by bus from Madrid. Anyone interest in sharing a taxi to SJPP.
  34. AcrossTheWater3008
    AcrossTheWater3008 Rainerbernd
    Hi Rainer, lovely to hv finally met you at Angeiras Orbitur! Lovely to put a face to a name .... pity we couldn't hv a drink to thank you for your many great tips on the CP!

  35. Rick of Rick and Peg
    Rick of Rick and Peg Camino: pilgrims
    Fantastic pictures. Thank you.
    1. Camino: pilgrims likes this.
  36. hecate105
    Just finished our Camino - time to plan the next one!
  37. Kazibar
    About to walk Baiona to S de C May 2017
  38. wcsjms
    Waiting on August 10, 2017. The start of another Camino Frances !
  39. Swes
    Preparing spiritually and physically for my Camino in spring 2018
  40. mariam88
    Transitioning from pilgrim to tourist
  41. James Borden
    James Borden grayland
    Your following me again?
  42. Philip347
    Wearied by censorship.
  43. Jo C
    Jo C
    My friends and I are doing the first 10 days from SJDP. I am planning to wear running trainers but wonder if we are likely to get rain? Our dates are 23/6 to 3/7 2017
  44. SuperPilgrim
    Next Camino begins: 3rd of June 2017
  45. Franceslesley
    Franceslesley Brian Redfern
    Hi Brian I too would like to walk less kilometres each day than advocated in The Northern Caminos guide book. As I'm new to walking the Camino this our first route can you fill me in on availablity of accomodation between stages if we would less kilometres ?
  46. catperson
    catperson Rachel Woods
    Hi rachel
    My daughter , also a university student in the states, and i are starting from. Sjdp around june 21
    Maybe will see you then
    1. Rachel Woods
      Rachel Woods
      Hey there!

      That sounds great. I think I will be starting around June 13th/14th so I hope to bump into you there!
      May 15, 2017
  47. Jimmy dublin
    Jimmy dublin Monajul
    I will wish you all the best on your camino monajul,,, great to be excited,,, I am doing my first camino in September,,, and can't wait to get going,,,
  48. AudreyL
    I will be arriving in SJPDP on the 16th May 2017 and intend to walk straight to Orrisson where I have booked a bed I hope to leave SJPDP around 3.30.
  49. Binya
    Binya Cat B
    Hello Catalina, here I am on the Camino primitivo...I have many reasons for walking these ancient pathways and this year I began on the watery energy of Lourdes!! I am a hospitalera in rabinal in June. I am open to talking...I am not a fame seeker... but feel the Camino is about opening the heart ❤️ it is a path of spirit...and thus to be shared. Most pointedly; a path of transformation
    1. Cat B likes this.
    2. Cat B
      Cat B
      Hi Binya, thath's fantastic and we will be passing through Rabanal. Please email me on with more information or contact details so I can arrange a chat with you. Best wishes, Catalina
      May 15, 2017
  50. mariam88
    Just arrived in Santiago
  51. CaminoDebrita
    CaminoDebrita rappahannock_rev
    wishing you well today. How are you?
  52. crazyloon
    Arrived in Burgos!
  53. Cat B
    Cat B
    Travelling and filming along the Camino in June 2017
  54. RGP
    RGP BCRockies
    HI BC Rockies, I leave from Winnipeg next week for Porto and my first Camino. Any chance I could get a copy of those maps for the coastal way?
    1. BCRockies
      what is your email?
      May 17, 2017
  55. claudia pureco
    claudia pureco
    How do you contact an administrator for this forum?
  56. claudia pureco
    claudia pureco
    4 more days to go to Our Camino experience. The Pureco Way is set to start on Monday, May 15 . First Arriving into Barcelona (9am), 12pm train to Pamplona (16:05) and hopefully share taxi to SJPP. Staying at Beilari Anyone?
  57. Shaeen
    I will guide Scandinavian groups from Tui and from Vilaba to Santiago de Compostela in June 2017
  58. Erik Anderson
    Erik Anderson
    Rejoining the Sanabres 2018
  59. Marigold Mama
    Marigold Mama timr
    I am considering doing the Camino Madrid in 2018? What guide books might you be using for the Madrid? How are the ATMs? From the Madrid, I plan to hit the San Salvador so same question. Are there many ATMs on the Camino San Salvador? If you can answer both, I would be appreciative.
    Hope you and the bulls continue to bond!
    1. timr likes this.
  60. Aoife Haugh
    Aoife Haugh
    Starting Portugese Camino May 16 from Lisbon to Tomar. Any advice?
  61. Beki
    ready for an adventure
  62. Marbe2
    Future: 2018 Pamplona to Santiago
  63. Marbe2
    Past: 2015 SJPD to Burgos, 2017 Leon to Santiago
  64. Berruin
    Thunder Storm
  65. Annette london
    Annette london
    Via de la Plata 2008
  66. tomjane40
    4 months from today, 9/9/2017, Camino Frances
  67. Annette london
    Annette london
    Via de la plata2008
  68. Annette london
    Annette london
    Camino Frances 05,08,10,15. Le Puy to SJPDP 2006 Camino Portuguese 2007 and Finisterre and muxia 2007 Via de la plata 2008. Camino del Norte 2009.Via Francegina Vercelli to Lucca 2014. Lucca to Rome 2016
  69. hielienie
    Probably busy planning my next Camino...
  70. Not Just a Granny
    Not Just a Granny
    So I didn't actually go on Camino in 2016, allowing 'reasons' and 'excuses' to get in the way. But, I have planned my trip for 2017 and actually booked my plane ticket ;) So #Camino2017 it is and I'm getting myself geared up to go. Exciting
  71. shawn corrigan
    shawn corrigan
    looking for a camino buddy from barcelona starting may 11th
  72. Stephers
    Stephers Jeff Volk
    Hello, Would you mind if I ask you some questions about doing the camino with a toddler? I have read a lot, and am making my way through your blog, but I have some specific questions. Thanks for your time!
  73. joe french
    joe french
    Mollie, Lucy, & Làoire, my 3 beautiful grandkids, Manus says hes to old (9) to pose in grandads photo's. . . Love them & love life.
  74. Meg and Mark
    Meg and Mark
    Counting down to start our Camino on 10th May!
  75. Meg and Mark
    Meg and Mark
    Just days away from starting.
  76. shawn corrigan
    shawn corrigan
    3 months in spain ...what to do?
  77. Chito
    Chito ivar
    Hola Ivar, I am currently in Santiago, having completed the Portuguese Camino yesterday. I am going to walk some more and would like to leave some things with you in Santiago and don't know how to go about doing that?
    Thank you, Joseph (Chito)
    1. ivar
    2. Chito
      Thank you Ivar.
      May 5, 2017
      ivar likes this.
  78. Cathy K.
    Cathy K. trecile
    Thanks, trecile, for the umbrella info. Haven't seen anyone who's using it, When I was on the trail. I sweat with hat on , so first thing I sed is my hat. Seen the web site and interesting, will see. CathyK.
  79. pennyinyk
    On the Camino Frances
  80. Shston Girlfd
    Shston Girlfd
    Pamplona is a lovely city, but looking forward to the road!
    1. Dennis W likes this.
  81. Colette Zaharie
    Colette Zaharie
    Back from a very spiritual CF
  82. rmckay
    rmckay Mike Savage
    Always go left
  83. craig1008
    Exams and Essays all completed. Check. Started training for Camino. Check
  84. Santiago17
  85. samba
    samba ivar
    Hola Ivar -am back on the forum as starting the Norte in June .Will do 3/4 weeks walking .Too hot then ? So looking forward to being back in Spain and walking .
    How is your baby ,now walking I guess
    from Samba Australiana
  86. Thomas Choi
    Thomas Choi howlsthunder
    Hi ! howlsthunder,
    Welcome you to the camino. I start from SJPDP on May 8 with my wife.
    We can not meet each other this time.
    1. howlsthunder
      Yeah, probably not, since I'll be starting around April 8th in 2018. Still, buen Camino! :)
      May 7, 2017
  87. Morten Dalen
    Morten Dalen
    Staying in Zurubi tonight.
  88. Coleen Clark
    Coleen Clark
    Beginning Camino Portugues August 10, 2017 in Lisbon
    1. Cila
      Hi Coleen, this will be my first Camino. I'm doing the Portuguese from Porto starting on August 18. I'm hoping to meet up with someone as I'm walking alone and would enjoy company.
      May 6, 2017
    2. Coleen Clark
      Coleen Clark
      As I walk half stages and I am starting from Lisbon on Aug 10 I don't think we will. But you never know! And there are lots and lots of wonderful people out there! You will find a walking buddy, I am sure!
      May 6, 2017
  89. glennb77
    start my 9the camino on 13 of june
  90. Wim Dijkstra
    Wim Dijkstra
    Dutch third year/part Camino Frances
  91. Nichal
    Has anyone used gortex socks over wool liners? I love my Altra trail runners with neoprene but in heavy water conditions my feet get soaked. thanks ! Nicole
  92. cosan
    We land in Bilbao at 16.25 next Tuesday May 2nd and need to get to Logrono that night. Any tips?
    1. clearskies
      Hi, once you step off the plane at Bilbao, you need to catch a feeder bus to Bilbao bus station. These run every 10 minutes or so and it takes 15-20 minutes to get to the station. You can catch a taxi if you prefer. Timetables for buses to Logrono can be found here It looks like you have a choice between 5pm and 8pm.
      Hope this helps.
      Apr 30, 2017
  93. Francis Terrance
  94. Forestgirl
    when down walk up when in when in tears when in love walk and when
  95. John Briscoe
    John Briscoe
    My wife and I walked the Francais in September 2014 and the Portuguese in May 2016. I am hopeful that I can do another Camino in the near future.
  96. DeniseT
    Walkin N Talkin......
  97. DeniseT
    Walkin n Talkin....
  98. Ember
    Walked already more than 1500 km as pilgrim on 3 different Caminos
  99. Dunny Ramsay
    Dunny Ramsay
    Heading into León on the weekend...barring unforeseen!
  100. EMILE M
    EMILE M unadara
    I walked the Camino del Norte, then bifurcated to the Primitivo in October, 2015. Never had any issues finding hostels. In my case, the weather was great, with little rain to speak of. Acommodations were cheaper on the Primitivo, and much less crowded. Beautiful scenery on the coast from Irun to San Sebastian, then Bilbao and Santander. The Primitivo was beautiful, albeit a bit more strenuous at times. Buen Camino!
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