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New Profile Posts

  1. James Peter McDonald
  2. Margaret Hine
    Margaret Hine Kanga
    I had no idea what you were talking about in regard to sending a PM, which I now understand in a private message, and for the life of me couldn't click on your picture, but lo and behold I think I'm getting the hang of it now.
    When you mention the steps in Sarria is that the steps of the cathedral, I know i must sound like a right drongo
  3. Welly
    Counting down the days til I take on the CF!!
  4. LukeK
    Final month of preparation
  5. LukeK
    Final month of preparation
  6. backpack45
    Vezelay, FR (thru Nevers) 130 miles (2017); Primitivo (2016); Norte (in 3 trips--2015-2016); Geneva to LePuy (2012/2013); Mozarabe--partial (2011); Camino Aragones (2008-2010); Portuguese (2007); LePuy route (2004-2006); Camino Frances (2001)
  7. Terry&Dianna
    2 weeks and counting for flight to Paris then onto SJPP to begin Camino Frances
  8. Terry&Dianna
    Buen dia desde Canada. Dianna and I are beginning our Camino on September 3 and are excited about this new adventure where we hope to meet fellow pilgrims, sample the culture (especially the wine), and rejuvenate spiritually. Buen Camino everyone.
  9. LitoBenitez
    about 4-weeks to go, starting to get giddy with excitement and a bit of fear
  10. KerryW
    KerryW Thornley
    whoops .. think I should have returned your message here :) Just wondered if it was too late to call you. I'm just catching up on messages now. Kerry
  11. Thornley
    Thornley KerryW
    Hi Kerry,
    9347 3463 , Carlton,
    Better discussion on phone ,
    Just home , had a bit of bad luck on arrival in relation to Brother in Law, thus the delay,

  12. Janetlm
  13. Sue Horn
    Sue Horn
    We will start our first Camino (Porto to Santiago on Sept 11, 2017).
  14. Devra Mary
    Devra Mary
    Hello fellow pilgrims. Does any know about fires and smoke and possible closures from St Jean to Pamplona?
  15. Gillyweb
    Next adventure- the Portugues starting in a week...excited much.....
  16. Tony Bobcat
    Tony Bobcat
    Camino Frances 2017
  17. Solemn One
    Solemn One joecamino
  18. Janetlm
    Looking for a ride share from Bayonne to SJPD on Sept5 at noon
  19. Stacey Wittig
    Stacey Wittig Tom Corradini
    Welcome to the forum! (5 months ago!) I, too, am an author of guide book: Lourdes to St Jean Pied de Port, among others. What is the best way to get your book? Amazon?
  20. hecate105
    Planning next one...
  21. anncase
    Walking the Camino Frances in 5-day blocks through 2011,2013,2014,2015,2016 and finally finished in 2017! Now on my 2nd Camino which I began in 2016 with a group of friends.
  22. Camino4Cancer
    Camino4Cancer ivar
    My charity is called Camino4Cancer. I'll walk Le Puy for the charity. I have terminal cancer and will walk pilgrimages around the world as long as I can to raise funds to help people suffering from cancer. Can we spread the word about my charity through you? It doesn't benefit me financially in any way and does not support my caminos. Any way to spread the word for this cause to other pilgrims would help.
  23. Camino4Cancer
    Camino4Cancer gittiharre
  24. wisepilgrim
  25. Bob from L.A. !
  26. Aix-la-Chapelle30
    The Way to you.
  27. cathy uyede
    cathy uyede
    Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically ready for my second Camino,this time with my husband. Hope we get to meet at the beginning- Cathedral Lisbon- To all Pilgrims may you all have a wonderful and memorable journey! Bom Caminho
  28. jerby
    jerby David St Augustine
    Hi David, I will be walking from Lisbon to Porto from October 2nd for 2 weeks and I still don't know which route to take. I would like to walk via Sintra and then onto Fatima and then onto Tomar and Porto.
    Just not sure about the availability of albergues on route to Fatima.
    Looking forward to following your posts. Have a safe trip and Buen Camino.
    1. David St Augustine likes this.
  29. elizason
    elizason Aurigny
    Hello Aurigny,
    Please tell me a bit more details of the difficulty on your Viseu route, as I will be traveling alone on this route, hopefully in the spring.
    thank you much, Eliza
  30. NomadBoomer
    Counting down the days.
  31. Oravasaari
    VdlP Autumn 2017?
  32. Rob4567
  33. stevov
    Portuguese coastal Camino June 2017
  34. Pathfinder075
    May was a failure. Most things are now booked for Primitivo in October.
  35. Lorraine65
    Immensely proud of my beautiful daughter Izzy. Your feet may hurt, but your soul is nourished. Cannot wait to see you so soon now ❤️❤️❤️
  36. Vivienne17
    Arriving SJPDP on 5th - starting on 7th September
  37. Juan Abaunza
    Juan Abaunza gittiharre
    Hello Gitti, it's my first time walking El Camino and I decided to start in Geneve, I read that you have an itinerary already done, it would be too much asking for you to help me? I'm trying to walk for 6 weeks and get as close as possible to Santiago, could you please give me some advice?
    Juan Carlos
    1. gittiharre
      Sent you a message. Let me know if you got it.
      Aug 5, 2017
  38. Seabeggar
    Seabeggar angelafinnigan
    Hi Angela. You might like to look at the Easter pilgrimage with Northern Cross in England. It might fit as a pre Camino trip. Some pilgrims from USA did this before Camino this year.

    Best wishes Craig
    1. angelafinnigan likes this.
    2. angelafinnigan
      Thank you, I took a look at their site and have stored the info. Many thanks. Angela
      Aug 8, 2017
  39. Jackie Albert
    Jackie Albert BCRockies
    Hello, My message is the same, I want to walk the portugese coastal route, or at least a little of it, and would love those step by step maps! Hope this isn´t bothering you as I can see many people have asked you for them... thanks
  40. AlanS
    2016 Burgos to Santiago
  41. AlanS
    2015 St. Jean to Burgos
  42. AlanS
    2014 Leon to Santiago
  43. AlanS
    2013 1st Camino
  44. Annette london
  45. owms2323
    Is the pilgrm passport the same for the CF as for the Finisterre.Muxia?
  46. jay quintero
    jay quintero SYates
    How does one start a "thread"? or start a conversation? Haven't figured it out yet ... chaos here at the house ... both, literally and figuratively ... am cleaning up ... getting rid of old furniture, empty boxes, expired meds, etc, etc
  47. jay quintero
    jay quintero SYates
    there is another question I've been somewhat embarrassed to ask ... what about bathrooms along the Camino? how ... frequent ... are they? are there "porta-potties" every few Km? i have a weird metabolism ... I also eat quite a bit during physical activities (such as hiking) ...
  48. Shston Girlfd
    Shston Girlfd
    Completed my first Camino June 5, 2017. Will be attending Hospitelerio (sic) training in April 2018. Planning Camino Portuguese for Sept. 2018. Miss the Camino
  49. jay quintero
    jay quintero SYates
    Hello? I've been meaning to ask also ... regarding personal cooking on the El Camino Frances, is this frowned upon? I mean "by the roadside" cooking ... What about preparing a coffee by the roadside? am I going to get into trouble if I do that? Haven't seen anyone do that on the youtube videos.
    1. SYates

      @jay quintero Not frowned about at all (as long as you keep fire safety in mind!) but not really necessary as many albergues have kitchens. I never take cooking gear on the Camino ... Buen Camino, SY
      Aug 2, 2017
  50. Margo9
    Going to Lourdes
  51. fynbos s.a
    fynbos s.a
    Pied de Port to Santiago 2013
  52. fynbos s.a
    fynbos s.a
    Leon to Santiago 2011
  53. mirandac
    I'm going to walk from Irun to Bilbao. Any advice is very welcome. I've walked part of the Frances but I know the Camino del Norte is more challenging.
  54. Margo9
    Margo9 KinkyOne
    Thank you very much for your advice! Will try to find bed there, all the best, Margo
  55. Tony Wall
    Tony Wall
    Planning to walk from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela in Sept for my 70th. birthday.
  56. BlackHorseRunning
    Looking for lost moose teddy on Camino Frances - July 2017
  57. Jeanine
    Jeanine Campasimpukka
    I hope this is a private message as I am not that familiar with how to send them as well. I am in Hawaii and you are in Findland. Does it make sense to ship it to me? If so, how much would you want for the skirt and shipping. Much appreciation..
    1. peregrino_tom
      FYI no it's not private - I just spotted it in the righthand column of the forum. You need to start a 'conversation' in your 'inbox'. Hope this helps!
      Jul 31, 2017
  58. Hikoi
  59. Drover
    Walking to Wellness October & November 2017
  60. PaulTa
    PaulTa BCRockies
    Hi BCRockies, Greetings I hope all is well with you. I’m planning on walking the Camino Portugués from Porto to Santiago at the end of August. I’d really appreciate a copy of these step by step maps if they are still available. Thanks and Regards Paul my email is
    Well.......I'm going for a Walk! My first Camino trip. Arriving in Biarritz from LondonGatwick on Sunday 30th July at around 16:10 and then to St Pied du Port from there.
  62. KatjaA
    KatjaA Susan Milner
  63. Aptrail
    Aptrail NewBeginning
    Greetings New. Loved your post and introduction. I hiked the Camino Frances last Aug/Sept with the exact idea. I had just retired. As it turned out, with the magic of the Camino, I ended helping out a school in Costa Rica this year. Now, with no idea of what is next, I am going back to do an early Sept/Oct camino. So, maybe I will see you as I am in yet another new beginning also. Buen Camino.
  64. Ricokiwi
    Walking the Camino Portuguese
  65. Zen Librarian
    Zen Librarian
    Preparing for first ever camino.
  66. jojo-a
    Thinking about walking again
  67. Liz Azulay Gardner
    Liz Azulay Gardner
    I live in Seattle and will be walking the Camino Frances in September and October of 2017!
    1. Field Marshall
      Field Marshall
      Good luck
      Jul 26, 2017
  68. vasque
    vasque ivar
    I am looking for a hotel in Bayonne France. I stayed there 5 years ago and it was directly across the street from the train station. Can't remember the name. Can you help? Name and contact info would be great.
  69. MaggieP
    Choosing the best pack
  70. Frances Fitzgerald
    Frances Fitzgerald
    Starting from Pamploma 31st August.
  71. ISABEL linares
    ISABEL linares kirkie
    Thank you for searing the footage and poem in the memorie of Danny.So sad but he really enjoy going to Santiago.
    I am living in Dublin and appreciate the Irish traditions. Saludos
  72. Kanga
    I often don't see my profile posts - if you have a question or want me to see something, send me a PM (click on my picture and "start a conversation")
  73. janecaroline
    Camino Frances Leon to Santiago Jan 2015
  74. janecaroline
    Camino Frances - SJPP to Estelle Aug 2016
  75. janecaroline
    Camino de Madrid Aug/Sep 2015
  76. Joziane
    Joziane Kanga
    Hello Kanga,
    I am pleased you saw my Many Thanks as I did think of you as I walked ....This morning I see the post has been moved and wonder why? and where?
    Technology still beyond some of my capabilities, but am working on it....Where did you find it? I`ve looked but alas, to no avail.....
  77. CaminoForCare
    CaminoForCare Luka
    Hello Luka,
    My name is Marco. I am starting a charity based on long distance walking. I live in Amsterdam and I will be walking starting on the 20th of August. I would like to walk from Amsterdam if I can get it planned in time. I wonder If I can buy you lunch and ask you a ton of questions about it?
    Many thanks in advance for your reply!
    1. Luka
      Would have loved to! But I'll be in Spain the rest of the year... Buen Camino!
      Jul 24, 2017
      CaminoForCare likes this.
  78. Thornley
    Thornley fortview
    Finished at Grandas , lovely walk
    Thanks for the reply
    1. fortview likes this.
  79. The World My Village
    The World My Village
    Planning stage- Camino Portugues
  80. Susan Milner
    Susan Milner
    I am thinking about walking the camino late September early October and would welcome a traveling companion. Starting in Charlotte, NC but willing to meetup overseas.
  81. Juspassinthrough
    Juspassinthrough Eddiebee
    Ed, as one of the 3, then 4, then many Texans you met on the Camino, I'm happy to find you here. Dinner at Albergue Cuatro Cantones, Brian's traveling knee brace and Tapas in SdC, all great memories. Good advice on the pics of Camino friends, the people are the Camino.
  82. Helen from Montreal
    Helen from Montreal
    Santiago/Finisterre July 2017
  83. ChristianSdeM
    ChristianSdeM Diane Borden
    Hi Diane, we (4 with luggage) used José for Santiago-Ferrol and town to airport and he was great - I think his van is big enough for you but email him - José Manuel Caneda Mareque
    It will be cheaper with any large taxi then 7 bus fares.
    Buen Camino!
    1. Diane Borden likes this.
  84. Catherine Poulose
    Catherine Poulose
    I will be on my first European Camino in 2017. Landing in Bilbao 20th Sept and would be grateful to meet up with anyone heading to St Jean. My Ignation Walk has been cancelled much to my disappointment but God has other plans for me:):)
  85. Sailor
  86. Katie_
    Camino del norte, starting at Santander
  87. John O'Connell
    John O'Connell
    Camino Frances: Getting there by segments: journey from September 2016 to Summer 2018
  88. Bren
    3rd Camino 2017 starting August 27 SJPP
  89. Bren
    Well its official we start our third camino August 27 from SJPP. May be slow going at first due to recovering from a broken ankle, but super excited to be coming back.
  90. cbrown
    cbrown Anniesantiago
    Hello Annie! I saw a post about information for walking El Camino Aragones. Can you please share with me what information you have. I am inspired by this path and would love to complete this one. However, I am having trouble finding much information with details Thank you so much!
    1. Anniesantiago
      I have a blog to get you started from when I walked some years back. It's a lovely route and you really do not need a group. However, I could book private lodging for you if you do not want to stay in albergues. I have a group on Facebook called Pilgrims Helping Pilgrims. Join up there and we can chat about your options and plans.
      Jul 18, 2017
  91. Eddiebee
    Arrived SDC 22 June 2017, Back to Atlanta 28 June 2017
  92. Angel132
    I am a future pastor. College student
  93. DavidJ1215
    Camino Frances 2017, Camino Finisterre 2017
  94. John De Young
    John De Young
    Hello, My wife and I be walking the Camino del Norte beginning around 12 September. We have considered 2 routes. 1st: Santander to Gijon and Lugo to Santiago; 2nd: Ballota to Santiago. Any suggestions on which route would be the most picturesque?
  95. John De Young
  96. Jenny Miley
    Jenny Miley
    Walking the Camino Frances August 28
  97. dannycho
    August 2017, 2nd Camino!
  98. James P
    James P
    Planning Camino Portuguese for September /October 2017
  99. James P
    James P
    Completed Camino Primitivo Oct 2016.
    1. James P
      James P
      'Planning' my Camino Portuguese for autumn. Thinking of starting in Santarém. Would welcome comments, number of days required etc. Any other older treads on this. Thank you
      Jul 14, 2017
  100. Ian and Helen Miller
This site is run by Ivar at
Casa Ivar
in Santiago de Compostela