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Recent content by 19SY69

  1. 19SY69

    No apologies for repetition - I need this😀

    How I needed this too! Thnx for posting!
  2. 19SY69

    Oops, I did it again!

    Thank you!!
  3. 19SY69

    Oops, I did it again!

    Booked my flight and will start the camino del Norte in Gijón on the 27th of April. This will be my third camino. For the second time with my son. Does anybody know where I can get a pilgrims passport inn Gijón? Thnx, Suzan
  4. 19SY69

    Will I be all alone on the coastal/senda litoral route?

    Hi Anna, I’ve walked the same route alone, but I was never really alone or felt alone. This was my first timer camino as well. The people you meet on the way are kind and helpful. They strengthened my believe in the kindness of people. Even on the Espiritual I wasn’t the only pilgrim. Enjoy your...
  5. 19SY69

    A Nice Dogs thread

    Met this cute fellow on the camino Primitivo. We saw a lot of dogs and never unfriendly.
  6. 19SY69

    April/May on the primitovo

    Buen camino to you too!
  7. 19SY69

    April/May on the primitovo

    I walked the Camino Portuguese last summer! The coastal route. Indeed very addictive :D
  8. 19SY69

    April/May on the primitovo

    My son and I will be walking the Primitivo starting on April the 23th from Oviedo. Really looking forward to it!
  9. 19SY69

    combining the coastal /interior routes ?

    The weather was great! Because you walk that close to the ocean, there's always a cool breeze to keep you from overheating. This was one of the reasons I chose the coastal route, and I worked out great for me.;)
  10. 19SY69

    combining the coastal /interior routes ?

    I walked early July and only had a bamboo liner. Most of the times it was too hot to sleep in it, but then I used it as a blanket. All the albergues I've slept had blankets in case you needed them. I only had rain for one day, and it was more like a drizzle. I used my lightweight runners jacket...
  11. 19SY69

    Would You Go 8 or 9 with Teva's?

    I have both Salamon (X Ultra) and Teva sandals. Like you I have a wide foot, but I didn't buy the man shoes. The size of my shoes and sandals were both 39. :)
  12. 19SY69

    combining the coastal /interior routes ?

    I really had no problem walking alone. I met several other pilgrims on the way and in the albergues, even on the variante Spiritual.:)
  13. 19SY69

    combining the coastal /interior routes ?

    I walked all the way along the coast last summer. If you want any information you can send me a pm. Or just ask. It was my first camino and I loved every inch of it!!
  14. 19SY69

    Leg Heat Rash - Golfer's Vasculitis and socks

    After three days i went to a pharmacy, cause it only got worse. It felt like my legs were burning and my skin was bursting. They gave me a cream and after a rest day I went on my way again. At the end of the day my calves were almost twice as thick and I couldn't even point my finger at it. I...
  15. 19SY69

    Walking primitivo june 2016

    I'm planning the Primitivo in April/May. This will be my second camino and I'm really excited about it. Love all the information I've found again on this forum!