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Recent content by 2ndCaminho

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    Will we be met with scorn or equanimity?

    you obviously feel a connection to the pilgrimmage, so whatever works for you. no one should be judging others.
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    Travel Insurance for Australian and New Zealanders

    which portuguese camino will you be doing?
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    My Unorthodox Trekking Pole Technique

    it is sort of like the nordic walking technique where the main gain is from when the poles are behind you. in nordic walking you dont even need to 'grip' the poles, just rest your hands there are the weight is more taken into the glovey things. and yes i sometimes flick my wrists to whip the...
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    St Jean to Roncesvalles - one day or two?

    h ah aha my strategy exactly and am also known as the fast one.
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    Is it just me? (Enjoying urban stages)

    i agree! coming from australia, it is so different that i love drinking it in!
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    St Jean to Roncesvalles - one day or two?

    ONE! To get to tht hotel / hostel you mention only tkes few hours. rest there then continue up the hill nd through the forest and on to Roncesvalles. But of course please do some training!
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    Via Algarviana - The Algarve way

    oh great. will investigate. everything is so high tech these days... will have to get with the programme! thankyou.
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    Via Algarviana - The Algarve way

    finding it hard to find (online) information about the route from tavira to vrsa. is it quite well marked etc?
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    Camino Portugues Central

    what do you mean the municipal is closed? should be open april to oct and website does not show closed. is this due to covid and excuse my ignorance but is Casa de Fernanda a place to stay or a village?
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    Sleeping bag needed if staying in hotels rather than alberques?

    just added on to this, then , a question from me, is a sleeping bag even required in the albergues. walked the frances in 2018 and carried a bag. pulled it out once to use as a blanket but otherwise used my own liner and the provided blankets. are blankets provided in portuguese albergues at...