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Recent content by 30daystosantiago

  1. 30daystosantiago

    Camino with a toddler

    Hello all- I recently returned from my second camino...this time accompanied by my wife and two year old daughter! We started in Ponferrada and walked the 130 miles to SdC in 11 days. We transported our daughter in a chariot and we stayed in private accommodations. It was extremely challenging...
  2. 30daystosantiago

    by the seat of my pants! from Ponferrada

    Good luck- I just completed my second Camino- this time with my wife and two year old. Because I was traveling with a child I had to plan much more than when I traveled solo. Buen Camino!
  3. 30daystosantiago

    Camino with Babies

    We just completed the Camino from Ponferrada to SdC with our two year old- was an amazing journey. We stayed in private accommodations.
  4. 30daystosantiago

    Oregon on the way

    Best of luck!!!
  5. 30daystosantiago


    Fellow Atlantan here- I live in Buckhead. First walked the Camino in 2002. Walking a good portion of it again this April/May with my wife and little toddler. I will be interested in gathering in and around Atlanta. Buen Camino!
  6. 30daystosantiago

    Michelle Obama on the Camino?

    It would be a good experience for them....and right in line with Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move" initiative.
  7. 30daystosantiago

    27 Year Old Female from New York City

    Check to see if there are any pilgrim associations in NYC...I am in Atlanta and am frequently contacted by people in my area who want to learn more. As others have mentioned, you will not be alone for long once you start the Camino...that is unless you prefer to walk alone. In my experience, I...
  8. 30daystosantiago

    What was your first day like

    My first was quite challenging as I started in SJPP and crossed the Pyrnees. It took me far longer than expected- I started around 0700 and did not arrive in Roncevalles until after 5pm. I also ran out of water about two hours outside of Roncevalles. This was a huge lesson for me- fill up the...
  9. 30daystosantiago

    Tablet, smart phone, paperback, or nothing

    I plan to take a lightweight paper guidebook. I may also take my tablet computer but I find guidebooks are best as paper...not dependent on batteries, can open / access quickly...can make notes easily, etc.
  10. 30daystosantiago

    Underwear, briefs, boxers.... ?

    My personal experience -- I chose sport boxers made from a synthetic material that wicked moisture away - they worked wonderfully. I discover these the hard way after practice hikes using cotton boxers left me with painful chaffing in my inner thighs. Examples are listed in the gear section of...
  11. 30daystosantiago

    Linen Shirts instead of Synthetic or Cotton?

    Good question - I would think linen might be preferrable to straight out cotton for the reasons you mentioned. I would still be concerned about skin irritation when the fabric is wet (which is one of the primary reasons I avoid cotton for innerwear)- I am curious what others think.
  12. 30daystosantiago

    List your shoes

    I have Merrell Moab Mid hiking boots- perfect for the Camino. The Merrell hiking shoes are good too but I found hiking shoes did not provide enough ankle support. A lightweight mid rise hiking boot is my vote. Buen Camino!
  13. 30daystosantiago

    walking poles

    As mentioned, there are many opinions about these topics. I will share my personal experience. I used one telescoping, spring loaded trekking pole (by a company called Leki)- loved it. I used it every day even on level surfaces -- I found it theraputic. It came in very handy on inclines and...
  14. 30daystosantiago

    Hi Tek Vs Low Tek clothing

    Of course, gear choice is a personal what you are comfortable with - use your camino training period to decide what is best. I generally avoid anything cotton for many reasons-- cotton is relatively heavy, especially when wet...cotton can irritate the skin as it does not wick...
  15. 30daystosantiago

    Another Backpack recommendation request

    Gregory makes an excellent pack for the Camino- I used a Gregory pack on my Camino. Try the savant model.