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    Fun Santiago bar

    Fun bar in Santiago after your 30+ day hike. A Reixa Bar. Aka rock bar. Anyone been?
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    Quick “The Way” synopses (and tribute)

    BTW, message me for any questions about gear or albergue or anything. One thing I swear by is greasing your toes and heals prior to putting on socks and shoes. Never had a blister after my first Camino.
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    Quick “The Way” synopses (and tribute)

    Synopsis: A few people meet and connect from St Jean to Burgos (1 hour mark is 6 days in on average). Fast forward to Cruz de ferro. Then fast forward to Santiago. No blisters. No rain. No bad experiences except an exaggerated one at an albergue in Tores de Rio. Tribute: I’ll be honest, this...
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    Rain gear- poncho

    Rain jacket or poncho is fine when warm. If it’s cold you will regret (like me) not having rain pants.
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    If you want to take 4 rest days on the CF, where would you stop?

    Ok. So there is the where question as far as timing. But what towns/cities are most awesome is another question. My favorite of all time is logrono. I’ve done frances 4 times and always is the best. Plus it is so active for locals. 3 year old kids are out at 10 pm. True Spain. If you like good...
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    Walking Boots Vs. Trail Runners

    Ive done frances 4 times and Portuguese once. Trails runners are good but you could also do regular running shoes. Hiking boots or shoes are too much unless maybe you are in blizzard conditions.
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    Fully booked Albergue de Peregrinos (Roncesvalles)

    I am fairly confident that they only allow like 20% reservations and the rest are walk up only. I’ve stayed there in May and July. Both times seemed like if you arrived by 2-3 you were good. But both times didn’t see pilgrims turned away later.
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    Two pilgrims rescued in Napoleon Route

    Hiked valcarlos 5 days ago. Was aptly told Napoleon was closed. Valcarlos has snow in sections you had to hike around or through...I can’t imagine Napoleon route.
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    Wait or start walking on 28th March 2018

    Hi carol. I’m starting the 28th as well. I’ve done the Napoleon route twice but I’ve heard the valcarlos is really nice as well. I’m actually excited the Napoleon is closed so I can try a different route. Take what the Camino gives. Not sure where I’m staying yet in sjpdp, but hope to see you...
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    Camino Winter Advice

    Hi fellow peregrinos. I'm a Camino Frances vet, as I've done it 3 times (I plan on doing Norte this summer). I guess i'm addicted. With that said, I've got 3 weeks off of work end of Dec and early Jan and I am considering doing a 15-20 day winter hike. I've only done the Camino in late spring...
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    Best albergue in Estella?

    I've done 2 camino frances and stayed at the municipal my first time and Afnas my second. The municipal was not a great experience. I stayed in the first floor anex i believe and the room was dirty and crowded with small bathrooms. I heard if you stay on the second or third floor you are better...
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    Camino Frances in May 2017

    Perfect logic. I actually fly into madrid on May 7th, fly to biarritz on the same morning and will be in sjjp by 5pm. Right now am thinking to go to Orrison that night, but we'll see. Hope to see you there. This will be my third camino and Biarritz is the easiest route to sjjp. Last time i was...

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