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  1. Adrian Harding 60


    How are you, Sara? Fully recovered, now?
  2. Adrian Harding 60

    Stepping on my Shadow

    We were slightly out of sync, then, as I was there from mid March to the third week of April, passing through Muxia on Easter Day. Angela and Tigger were part of my first few days on the Camino, in the Espinal to Zubiri stage - I had written more about her, and what a fascinating encounter it...
  3. Adrian Harding 60

    Stepping on my Shadow

    When it happens, you will love it, every minute of it, I promise you.
  4. Adrian Harding 60

    Stepping on my Shadow

    That, for me, was the whole point. I didn’t carry the best backpack, didn’t wear the best shoes, didn’t eat in the best restaurants, and certainly didn’t drink the best wine. We are all expected to raise our standards in our ‘normal’ life, but I got the greatest pleasure from lowering my...
  5. Adrian Harding 60

    Stepping on my Shadow

    Thanks for your kind and positive feedback. I hope that my article doesn't come across as being too earnest. I had a lot of fun, and am still in contact with almost everyone I met on the on the way. And many of them have visited me in England for pleasure and long walks. I am as keen to neck a...
  6. Adrian Harding 60

    Stepping on my Shadow

    I was asked to submit an article about walking the Camino Frances for an on-line magazine, and it seems to have been well received. Perhaps some others may be happy to read it? Stepping on My Shadow – Walking the Camino de Santiago It’s six-thirty in the morning, and my shadow is reaching out...
  7. Adrian Harding 60

    COVID Sara

    I’ve never met you, but I feel that I know you through all of your posts and YouTube contributions. Your positivity, energy, enthusiasm and love of life simply shine through and inspire the rest of us mere mortals. You’ve certainly had a great influence on me. Stay strong, and get well soon.
  8. Adrian Harding 60

    Video from the Santiago Tourism Office

    Thank you, Ivar. I am wiping a tear from my eye. I plan to return in 2021 (1000 miles/1600 Kms of the Mozarabe, VdlP, Sanabres and Ingles) assuming that the restrictions are lifted and I will be allowed to. I would love to meet you in person, just to thank you for all the great work you do for...
  9. Adrian Harding 60

    What did pilgrims eat 1000 years ago? - do share simple recipes

    Thank you for your inspiration, Tincatinker. We decided to reproduce this today, with only the food available at the time: no potatoes, no tomatoes, no rice. So, here we go with Pork, Lentils, Mushrooms, Onions, Root Veg, Apples and a rustic loaf, baked by my daughter Charlotte. It was an...
  10. Adrian Harding 60

    3rd - 9th September: boots or trail runners?

    Trail runners. Trail runners. Trail runners. I’m not sure if I’ve made my point emphatically enough........Trail runners.
  11. Adrian Harding 60

    Removing Compeed from woolen socks

    Lesson for the future: next time you use Compeed, add an extra plaster on top of it to prevent the top surface sticking to your socks.
  12. Adrian Harding 60

    Women: Advice on trail runners/shoes

    My trail runners of choice are ASICS Sonoma 3 Goretex. I’ve walked many thousands of miles in them (most recently, Caminos Portuguese and Catalan, as well as long distance walks in the UK.). Comfortable, long-lasting, lightweight and affordable. No blisters, no bruises, no problems. Key advice...
  13. Adrian Harding 60

    How to get back to Barcelona

    I was always planning to start my walk after a night at the Montserrat albergue, and the two comments above have made me even more eager to be at the monastery “after hours”. I have had the pleasure of wandering around Machu Picchu at the end of the Inca Trail for two hours before the tourist...
  14. Adrian Harding 60

    How to get back to Barcelona

    Many thanks. Your speedy response is greatly appreciated. I did a bit more research after I had posted my question, and found that Huesca has a population of 52,000 and Monzon has 17,000. Both are well-served with rail and bus stations and the fares are extremely modest. Like you, I have...
  15. Adrian Harding 60

    How to get back to Barcelona

    I’m embarking on the Cami St Jaume in three weeks, my first of several Caminos that doesn’t end at SdC. I anticipate that I will end somewhere between Monzon and Huesca, but am not certain how I will get back to Barcelona for my homeward flight. Is the public transportation frequent and...

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