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  1. alansykes

    Are you planning to walk the Invierno? (Is it _finally_ catching on?)

    I walked it for the first time last November and loved it - there was a new delight virtually every day. Other than once on the Inglés, it was the first time I'd not spent the last week or so of my Camino on the Sanabrés, and the change was another plus. I found the infrastructure perfectly...
  2. alansykes

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    The snow melted almost as soon as it came, sending an awful lot of water down the river Gelt, which is 2-3 feet higher than usual today. My dog and I often like to swim in the pool by this waterfall, but perhaps not today
  3. alansykes

    "Cornwall's Camino" article

    I loved St Cuthbert's Way, and Lindisfarne is very special. Here's a piece I wrote about the last section, with links to the previous ones: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/the-northerner/2012/sep/01/walkingholidays-scotland
  4. alansykes

    "Cornwall's Camino" article

    A new walk, apparently mostly off road, through some beautiful parts of a beautiful county. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/feb/18/cornwall-celtic-walk-coast-path-trail-hike
  5. alansykes

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    After an abnormally mild and dry February, today we got a rather brutal reminder that spring is still a fair way from the Scottish border.
  6. Monte do Faro on the Invierno

    Monte do Faro on the Invierno

    From the Monte do Faro on the Invierno, last place over 1000m high before Santiago, between Chantada and Rodeiro.
  7. alansykes

    Can we please talk kilometres, litres, Celsius, right-side driving, etc.?

    Mr Celsius meets Mr Fahrenheit, via English comedian John Finnemore:
  8. alansykes

    Pictures that show you totally outside your comfort zone on the Camino!

    It is a nasty bridge, but the views from it over the Eo estuary are gorgeous (I was going to say "to die for", but that might be insensitive):
  9. alansykes

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    First snow of 2019 up here. Quite a lot of snow on Skiddaw, just visible in the far distance.
  10. alansykes

    Field (and mountain) report from Portugues Interior - June 2018

    I strongly recommend taking the old Corgo railway line from Peso da Régua up to Vila Real. There are no yellow arrows, but once you're on the former railway line (now an agricultural track) it's virtually impossible to get lost. Spectacularly beautiful, gentle gradient, c27km...
  11. alansykes

    Camino Olvidado Guide from Bilbao - May 2018.

    The day from Buiza (or, in my case, La Pola de Gordón) to La Magdalena is quite a tough one, going up to 1671m, the highest point on the Olvidado, and through the rough ground of the (spectacularly beautiful) Los Calderones. So I really wanted (needed) a shower that evening, and stayed in the...
  12. alansykes

    Top 10 Albergues on VdlP and Sanabres

    I liked Rionegro del Puente's albergue very much, not just because it is spacious and comfortable with a washing machine, but it's also opposite Me Gusta Comer, whose chef Teo is an outstanding cook and great company.
  13. alansykes

    Olvidado on RTVE

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but this clip shows Ender talking about the Olvidado with fellow caminopath Álvaro Lazaga. https://www.bierzoalto.com/camino-olvidado-rtve1-mayo17/
  14. alansykes

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    Almost perfect cloudless morning up here on the Scottish border; woken up at 6 by surprisingly bright tiny slither of dying moon with Venus in close pursuit. Still short days up here (sunrise-sunset 8.34-15.53, compared to Santiago's 9.05-18.10) so up the fell with the hound as soon as possible...
  15. alansykes

    LIVE from the Camino Villajoyosa alternative start to the Lana

    Relleu to Torremanzanas: 4 or 5 stars. Sunrise from my balcony was spectacular, with the view down to a little castle that was used as a lookout for when corsairs were raiding the coast, and the more modern equivalent, a radar station, higher up. The bar near my casa rural was open from 6.30...

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